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Design a Dramatic Bedroom with a Floor-To-Ceiling Headboard

When you have a large master bedroom, creating drama or making a statement requires an eye-catching feature like a floor-to-ceiling headboard.




Nothing creates more drama than a floor-to-ceiling headboard, especially in a large master bedroom. We know that adding a headboard to any bed is a great way to make the bed a focal point in the room but when decorating a larger bedroom and you want an eye-catching feature or statement piece, nothing works quite as well as a floor-to-ceiling headboard or an upholstered headboard that stretches along the wall behind the bed. If you want to make a statement in your master bedroom, take a look at some of the ideas below. Who knows, you might be inspired to make your own statement headboard or have one designed and made up for you.










Floor-to-Ceiling Headboard Designs

Unless you have a large 4 poster bed or canopy bed, finding that one piece that brings drama into a large bedroom is not an easy task. Most end up with a large bedroom that offers no impact, nothing that catches the eye and the room can fall flat. If you have the luxury of a large bedroom, you can look at installing a floor-to-ceiling headboard that wows you when you walk into the room.



Anyone wanting to create a boutique hotel bedroom that screams luxury should consider installing a floor-to-ceiling headboard. There are so many different options for designs whether you want a velvet or faux suede headboard that soars above the bed, or a dramatic panelled headboard that stretches above the bed.







Nothing adds a more luxurious look and feel to a master bedroom than a floor-to-ceiling headboard.



The headboard shown above was inspired by bamboo forests with its fluted sections that reach for the ceiling created by polished brass edging around upholstered panels.



Yes, a floor-to-ceiling headboard brings drama and luxury into a master bedroom, but it also sets an intimate atmosphere that transforms a plain bedroom into a romantic and soothing retreat - one where you love to spend evenings tucked into bed and mornings lazing around.



In a master bedroom with low ceilings, installing a floor-to-ceiling headboard draws the eye upwards to give the optical illusion of a higher ceiling.



Not just upholstered headboards, a floor-to-ceiling backdrop behind the bed can be installed using a variety of different materials combined for dramatic effect. The floor-to-ceiling wall above fills the entire area behind the bed and is created using sleek panels with cutouts that also incorporate the use of mirrors that bounce light around the room.



Other modern floor-to-ceiling headboard designs include the use of veneered or laminated panels that replicate the look of real wood. In a large bedroom, you can afford to play around with both light and dark materials and textures without having to worry about overpowering the room. Make use of this in a larger bedroom to play around with ideas for what you want behind the bed, basing your decision on the furniture already in the room.







A popular trend at the moment is to use reclaimed materials in the home and they can be used for a floor-to-ceiling statement headboard.


Incorporating mirrors into the wall behind a bed is an excellent way to give the illusion of a larger space and also to reflect light.


Wall-to-Wall Headboard Designs

Another headboard design that gives any bedroom a statement feature is a wall-to-wall headboard. Where a floor-to-ceiling headboard visually heightens a bedroom, a wall-to-wall headboard offers the illusion of a wider, more spacious bedroom.



In line with current trends, reclaimed wood is a popular choice for headboards and it is easy for the DIY enthusiast to replicate headboard designs for themselves.



As with floor-to-ceiling headboards, there are a wide choice of materials out there that can be used to make a wall-to-wall headboard. Another favourite is to do a wainscoting effect along the wall using painted SupaWood (MDF) with a bead board design (grooves routed in the panel), as shown below.



Floor-to-Ceiling Headboard for Small Bedroom

If you love the idea of a floor-to-ceiling bedroom but only have an average-sized master bedroom, there are still some options you can consider and which are DIY-friendly.



Interested in making a floor-to-ceiling headboard? Copy and paste the link under the image below into the search bar for this project on





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