Modern Ideas for a Newborn Nursery

Trends come and go but decorating a nursery for your baby is a personal endeavour and new trends reflect our changing lifestyles and are perfect for decorating a nursery.






The nursery, more than any other room in a house, is one room where colour makes a huge difference and over the years we have seen the shift from bold and bright colours to those a bit more soothing and neutral. Most new parents want a nursery that is calm and nurturing and would rather leave the bold splashes of colour for accessories in the room. This has become a favourite over the past few years as we look for ways to bring more organic and neutral colours and accessories into our homes.



There are always plenty of colour palettes to choose from for decorating a nursery and furniture options, particularly custom nursery furniture manufacturers and suppliers, and there are numerous companies out there that now offer a selection of nursery furniture in designs and styles to suit everyone.







A mix of modern and traditional furniture in white creates the illusion of a spacious nursery and brightens the room, even in the absence of direct light into the room.





A Nurturing Colour Palette


The first step in decorating any nursery is to choose the perfect colour palette, including the colour of paint that goes onto the walls. Painting the walls is the backdrop for any colours you select for a nursery and will tie everything together. Choosing the right colour will also ensure that the nursery will adapt along with the growth of your baby as it becomes a toddler and then an active child. It bears keeping in mind at the start of your journey as a parent that the needs of a newborn will change very quickly, often much quicker than we would like. Selecting neutral colours will not overstimulate a newborn baby and these can be introduced as toys and accessories are your baby transitions into the next phase.





The practice of colour psychology reveals how certain colours affect mood. A nursery decorated in neutral or soft, muted colours will calm a newborn, particularly in the first few months.



A nursery does not have to be decorated in monochromatic hues and a combination of neutral or soft, muted hues work together to keep the nursery bright and airy. Think of colours such as soft lavender, pale lemon, muted blue or pink or a light sage green and incorporate these with neutral hues like cream, taupe, beige and grey.











Furniture that fits in with the room


Furniture in a nursery does not have to be painted and it is up to you whether you want painted furniture or to add warmth with wood. Wood furniture is more expensive than other synthetic or painted solutions but you cannot beat wood for strength and longevity. 





There is a move away from dark and painted furniture in a nursery to lighter more natural wood furniture that enhances the feeling of space.





Light colours and organic materials do not visually fill up a room but rather let it breathe. Light-coloured nursery furniture will not steal the attention from the main feature... Your baby!





A relaxing environment

Both mother and child need to be surrounded by items that are chosen with love and decorated with the utmost attention to detail. Keeping things on a light and airy note, move furniture around until you are happy with the arrangement and you have the freedom to walk around the room or sit and relax with baby. Keep things neutral in the room with organic materials, window coverings or lighter fabrics to flow in cool breezes. If you need to darken the room, blackout blinds will be suitable.





Organise the furniture to take advantage of any natural light that flows
into the space. You want to be able to move around the room
when baby needs soothing - and be sure to leave plenty of
room for comfortable seating.







Having the cot or crib open on three or more sides makes it easier to reach baby when they need attention or it is time to feed them. Make it easier on yourself when you are half awake and almost running on empty!







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