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From Tween to Teen - Decorating a Bedroom

Children aren't young forever and as they become teenagers they undergo a life-changing transition from child to young adult as do their tastes.






We know that children are known for changing their minds on a whim. What they love today is not the same as what they love tomorrow and as they grow older their wants and needs change as well. The life change from tween to teen can be a confusing one and it helps if you can let them identify with themselves as they discover the path they want to take as a young adult.





Giving teens a role to play in designing or revamping their bedroom provides the ideal opportunity for them to express their feelings and how they want this reflected in their bedroom. Let them embrace this transformation by creating the perfect place for them to relax, study and sleep. The bedroom should not only look the part, but it should also have everything they need to fulfil this new stage in their life.











1 | Layer from the foundation upwards

When you start the process of decorating a bedroom for a teen, you already have a room to work with and certain finishings are already in place. The room will have an existing flooring and, unless you plan on replacing this, it is something you will have to work around or into the design.









2 | Select a colour palette

There is no better colour palette for any room in the home than neutrals. From white to palest earth hues to warm or cool grey, painting the canvas or backdrop in neutral hues will make it much easier to fill the room with everything it needs without having to worry about colours clashing. After all, accessories and textiles will be added to the room for finishing touches, and this is where colour can be introduced.





In a long, narrow bedroom, arrange all the furniture on one side of the room and use walls for storage to leave the other side open.





3 | Plan for the space

Having a plan in mind for what furniture goes where, before you put furniture into the room, will let you see how much space there is to work with. An ideal teen bedroom should include a place to study, whether it is a dual-purpose piece of furniture, say for example a dressing table that easily converts into a desk, or a wall-mounted desk that can be folded away when not in use. In a small bedroom, you have to be inventive and clever with floor space so as not to overcrowd the room.







Small bedroom with no space? Look at installing furniture that fits into the room and provides the all-in-1 solution.




4 | Upgrade from tween to teen

Not every parent invests in furniture for a young adult and perhaps you waited until the right time to purchase furniture for a bedroom for your teen. The bed is generally the one piece of furniture that will need to be replaced with one that accommodates an adult mattress and more space - possibly a double bed or larger if the size of the bedroom allows this.





If your teen would prefer more space to have friends around, look at bed solutions that serve for both sitting and sleeping.





5 | Finishing touches

This is the stage where adding finishing touches becomes a collaboration, one where your teenager can select accessories and textiles for the bedroom. Colourful rugs, matching curtains or blinds, small touches for the walls and decorative accessories in bright bold colours or subtle hues that give the bedroom its final touches. Simplicity is the key, too much will overpower the room, so less is more for a perfectly balanced bedroom for a teen.







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