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Crafty Ways to Solve Your Boredom Blues

Arts and crafts not only turn boredom into hours of fun, but they are also a great way to bond and practice mindfulness with your kids as well.






One of the great conundrums any parent faces is how to keep their kids stimulated. Regardless of how many toys they have, what their screen-time limits are or how many books they still have to read, the boredom blues always manage to strike when parents least expect them to. Fortunately, arts and crafts not only turn boredom into hours of fun, but they are also a great way to bond and practice mindfulness with your kids as well. With a few clicks or a walk down some well stocked aisles, you and your kids can bring all of your arts and craft dreams to life while breezing through your boredom.











Turn any room into a space for learning and playing. Dry Erase paint is easy to apply and provides a surface on which to use white board markers to create images or set up an educational display.





Home graffiti:

The best part about creating your own art is that it is yours. It holds sentimental value. It is part of what ends up making your house a home. One of the best and most fun way to do this is by creating some unique wall art.




• Fired Earth paint, which is exclusively available at Builders, in a colour of your choosing
• A step ladder
• An extender pole
• Assorted acrylic paints
• A roller tray and brush
• Paintbrushes
• Drop sheet, masking tape and double-sided tape
• Cloth
• Adhesive glue
• Chalk
• Scissors, goggles and gloves
• Permanent marker



What you’re going to want to do first and foremost is don your protective gear and cover all the parts of the room that you don’t want to have to scrub clean later. Next apply the background colour to the wall. It is a good idea to have a general sense of what you want your masterpiece to look like. From there put your creative juices to work paint with panache. If you lucky that should keep everyone busy for a couple of days. For a step-by-step guide click here.







A fun, but less paint intensive, take on this may be to create your own poster wall. There are few things this generation loves more than being unique and curating a wall full of your child’s favourite posters is about as unique as it gets. This idea will also probably appeal more to your teen since finding interesting and quirky ways to express themselves is the hallmark of their age group.





If you gather yourself a paintbrush, some wallpaper adhesive, a variety of your favourite posters and a few other items readily found at your local Builders, you can easily create a feature wall that is as distinctive as your Gen Z is.







Make your own masterpiece:

All it takes to discover that your little one may be the next Nelson Makamo or Lady Skollie is a paint brush, some canvas, and a little paint. Research has shown that unleashing your self-expression on canvas is not only fun but has mental health benefits for both you and your child.




Chalk it up:

Chalk boards are not just a useful resource for teachers, when used in the home, they can be a fun surface for kids to draw on without ruining the walls. Trying to figure out where one would even buy a chalk board in the first place is a lot harder and a lot less fun than simply making your own.






• Some old photo frames
• Spray on primer
• Black chalkboard spray paint



From here prep your photo frames by carefully removing the glass and applying primer in light and even strokes to both the backing boards and frames. Allow them to dry before adding a second coat. Once your backing boards are dry, you can put them back into the frame and voila, a new chalk board. For an in-depth step-by-step guide click here




The best part about arts and crafts is that they don’t just have to be confined to the holidays. You can break them out on weekends, at children’s parties, whenever you feel like doing some fun bonding or if you just want to relieve some stress. Regardless of what the occasion, Builders has the tools for you.





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