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Decorating Ideas For A Cosy Bedroom

When winter rolls around, all we want is a bedroom that is cosy and comfortable and that wraps us in warmth and security.



When winter hits, we all look at ways to make the bedroom feel warmer, whether it's hanging up heavier curtains to keep out the winter chills or a thick blanket or throw to keep our toes warm at night. There are a couple of design styles you might want to consider when decorating a bedroom - any bedroom - and that's Boho and Hygge.

Remember hygge? A couple of years back everything was about hygge; how you could decorate various rooms in the home using this design principle. Boho and Hygge are very similar since it's all about building up layers of comfort to create a room that wraps you in warmth and makes you feel relaxed.









What Is Hygge?

Originating for the northern European climates, hygge originated in Denmark and it is defined by making the home more comfortable by surrounding yourself with warm materials. Regarded as a style that epitomises a feeling of well-being and contentment, hygge is all about surrounding yourself with simple things that bring about a relaxed feeling and enjoying life.


Hygge style is about using natural materials to bring warmth and organic texture into a bedroom.


What is Boho?

Firstly, Boho is short for Bohemian, which in general refers to a gipsey lifestyle and a way of decorating living spaces to suit yourself. Boho style is all about layering textures and pieces for a somewhat eclectic mix that offers a laidback vibe that envelopes you in casual comfort and a soothing atmosphere if you choose to go with neutral colours and organic materials.







With Boho style, you incorporate layered elements for a bedroom filled with your favourite accessories and organic materials.


Both Boho and Hygge styles bring a feeling of warmth into the bedroom and revolve around the use of natural and organic materials such as raw wood accessories and furniture, high-thread count cotton sheets that are soft to relax in and wool blankets and throws to wrap you in warmth. Add a little bit of faux fur into the mix and you have it down to a T, bringing together a host of elements to create Boho or Hygge style.


Hygge or Boho is not only about neutral colours and you can add splashes of warm or jewelled hues for colour.


What Colours Are Used For Boho or Hygge?

With both Boho and Hygge colours should be calm and soothing, although with Boho you can also incorporate jewel tones or bold colours to brighten up the room. Think luxurious fabrics such as velvet, knits and faux fur. Keeping with a neutral colour palette allows you to use warm colours for decorating to complement the use of organic materials.


A neutral colour palette of pale or muted hues keeps the room light and bright while textures bring warmth into the bedroom.


What Furniture Pieces For Boho Or Hygge?

As mentioned above, furniture for a Boho or Hygge bedroom should be organic materials such as raw or natural wood. This is great news if you are a DIY enthusiast since you get to make your own furniture using locally available materials. Think Pine or Saligna for tables, shelves or cupboards and wicker, cane or rattan for decor accessories.


Layers of natural and organic materials form part of both Boho and Hygge decorating styles.


What Accessories for Boho or Hygge Style?

One of the main reasons why both Boho and Hygge style became so popular is because they incorporate natural materials. Dried grasses, woven baskets, raw wood accessories - anything made using materials provided by nature can be used to decorate the bedroom. 







Keep it one hundred per cent natural for a bedroom in Hygge style.


Boho style gives you a little more flexibility when choosing accessories for a bedroom. Yes, it's still all about natural and organic but this also includes metals such as copper, brass and galvanised tin.


Another thing that Boho and Hygge have in common is houseplants. Whether its plants in the living room, bathroom or bedroom, plants are essential in both styles, as is the use of natural materials such as rope. Boho tends to go a bit overboard with rope, used as it is for various accessories in this style. If you want to decorate the bedroom in a mix of both Boho and Hygge to create a welcoming bedroom, think about things that you love the most, things that make you feel comfortable and warm inside.

Keep in mind that, since both Boho and Hygge are based on the principle of decorating for yourself, you don't have to go full-on to achieve the look. Layer fabrics and textiles, bring in light fittings with natural shades, add a few plants and bring raw wood into the room. After that, you can decide what extra, if any, needs to be added.


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