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Forget chevron... go with zigzags!

If you still haven't built up enough energy to paint walls with a chevron pattern - hurray! Chevron is out and zigzags are a fun way to use paint to add fun detail to walls, especially in a child's bedroom.


Visit your local Prominent Paints store and have Prominent Select (Matt or Sheen) mixed in two complementary colours. We recommend that you use a Sheen paint, at least for the bottom section of the wall, as this is easy to wipe clean when grubby fingerprints mar the surface.

Apply the first colour to the top section of wall and then use wide masking tape to create a uniform or freeform zigzag pattern halfway up the wall. Cut the edges of the masking tape with a sharp craft knife for a crisp edge and then apply the second paint colour to the lower half of the wall. Carefully remove the tape before the paint dries.

GOOD TO KNOW: For a perfectly crisp edge without any bleed, apply a layer of clear acrylic sealer over the edge of the masking tape and let this dry before painting.


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