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Colour Shock: Bedrooms in Black and White

If you are thinking about redecorating your bedroom, take a look at the gorgeous black and white bedrooms.



Elegant, sophisticated and shocking, black and white bedrooms have a calming effect which is hard to believe considering the visual impact. Whatever your style or taste, decorating with black and white gives you a clean look that lets you bring in additional colours for an even more shocking wallop or use the sharp contrast to create the visual illusion of more space - great for a small bedroom.







• Black and White with Wood Accents

The combination of black and white is a successful one no matter what room it is used in; it provides a modern feel with a high contrast and instant visual impact, add a few wood accents and the room is immediately given a softer look with the warmth of natural wood.


If you are not a fan of wood, you can achieve exactly the same effect by introducing warm colours and soft textiles into a room decorated in black and white.







Don't overpower the room with too much black, rather keep it for a feature wall or focal point, particularly a wall behind the bed that will give instant impact.


Give a black wall a luxe look by painting the entire wall with black chalkboard paint or ultra-matte black paint.


• Black and White with Metallic Touches

Nothing screams luxury more than a touch of gold; combine that with black and white and you have all the elements for a bedroom that is glam and sophisticated. You don't even need to spend all your bucks on overpriced accessories, just buy a can of gold spray paint and give your old accessories a shimmering makeover.


Many consider black and white to be cold colours, but in our warm climate, they are the perfect colours for a bedroom. White serves to add coolness to any room and helps lend brightness to a room lacking in natural light, or a room that feels small, Black, on the other hand, brings warmth into the room, especially a matt black finish.

Adding metallic elements in the form of artwork, lighting or accent pieces, has the right amount of warming effect to finish off a black and white bedroom.







• Black and White with a Splash of Colour

Black on white has an appeal to those who love classic looks. These basic colours let you experiment with patterns and complicated designs such as houndstooth. If you're considering this option for a room, look to add patterns using wallpaper or fabrics or blinds and bedding. Or consider adding an extra pop of colour...


While black and white bring sophistication to the bedroom, adding an additional colour adds even more contrast with colours popping against the black and white backdrop. You can also use additional colour like pink to bring a more feminine touch to black and white.



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