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How to make a upholstered tufted headboard

I love the look of a tufted upholstered headboard. They have an elegant and timeless look that is perfect for any style of bedroom. And making a tufted headboard is easier than you think!


I have discovered a super-easy way to make a tufted headboard - with peg board! Very affordable! you can buy pegboard at any hardware store or at your local Builders Warehouse, and it's perfect as a backing for an upholstered - tufted - headboard. You don't need a drill/driver because all the holes are already there. Here's how to make your own padded and tufted headboard:






1. Use a piece of chalk to mark where you want to add buttons to the front of the headboard.

2. Mark on the front and back of your piece of foam with a permanent marker, remembering to flip the pegboard over so that the holes with line up at the front and back.

3. After marking where you want the buttons to be on the front of the foam, use a sharply pointed knife to pull out a 'plug' of foam where you have marked. It doesn't have to be a big plug - say about 1cm in diameter. The holes that you have made allow you to easily created the padded tufted finish.

4. After upholstering the headboard in your choice of fabric, use a long (very long) upholstery needle and strong thread. Start at the back of the headboard and push the needle through the back to the front, threading through an upholstery button and through the back again.

TIP: Make sure to use a thread that won't break and will allow you to pull tightly at the back of the headboard. To fasten the thread to the back, have a staple gun handy to secure the thread on one side of the hole before stapling to the other side of the hole. Create a zigzag patterns with thread and staples before tying off.