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Designing a study space for tweens and teens

When young children start attending school, then you know it's time to add a place to study in their bedroom.



When young children start attending school, then you know it's time to add a place to study in their bedroom. By tackling this project as soon as they start with homework you will instill them with the skills necessary for learning and study throughout their school-going years.


Research shows that the sooner children begin to study, the earlier they begin to develop essential learning skills, and daily study instills a level of commitment and dedication to learning. Although you want to create a space for study, the bedroom also serves for relaxation and spending time with friends who come over and, while emphasis is on a place to study, look for a desk that also fulfills other requirements as well, such as plenty of storage.



The problem we face, here in South Africa, is a lack of selection for children's desks. The ones available in stores are either of inferior quality, or lacking in design. Take a look at some of these desks available at PB Teen (a division of Pottery Barn).

Once you have seen these designs, you should be inspired enough to rush out and buy a set of power tools to make your own study desk.





Choose a children's desk that has plenty of space to study and even more space for storage. Although this range is not available here in South Africa, there are manufacturers who make furniture to order, or put your DIY skills to good use. If you are looking for custom furniture, try









Use laminated pine shelving or SupaWood [MDF] to make the desk and finish off with Modo low-sheen matt PVA. Polish with antique wax to protect and repeat this as and when required for a finish that is easy to clean.





While white and cream are a practical and pretty option for a girl, boys prefer a desk that is a tad more masculine, as shown in these examples below. Your local Builders Warehouse stocks a wide range of timber and board, such as laminated pine shelving, that is perfect for this type of project.



Once you have design and assembled the desk, use a Woodoc interior sealer and stain concentrate to stain and seal in your choice of finish. The Woodoc range of interior sealers includes Woodoc 5 for an absolute matt finish and Woodoc 10 for a satin or gloss finish. One of the main advantages of making your own desk is that you can make it to custom size to fit into whatever space is available.



Now, pop into your local Builders Warehouse to get all the materials and supplies you need to start building a children's desk.