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Storage ideas for a small main or master bedroom

A small main bedroom or master suite doesn't have lots of space to work with when you need to add extra storage. But there are plenty of ways to add boost your storage with a few clever tips and tricks. Let's look at some storage ideas for a small bedroom.


In a small bedroom that only has enough space for a bed, and possibly a bedside table, finding space for storage means looking at alternatives that don't take up valuable floor space. You don't want a bedroom that is cramped and filled to the limit with furniture and accessories.

The bedroom is considered a sanctuary - a place to retire and relax - and having clothes and castoffs from other rooms piled up around the walls definitely doesn't evoke a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Here are some clever storage ideas for a bedroom that will help you to clean up the room and store items out of sight.





Using the space at the back of the bed makes use of space that is usually wasted. Tall cabinets on either side of the bed can be used as wardrobes, linen cupboards, or for storing your personal items that have nowhere else to go. If you don't want to go to the expense of having custom cabinets installed, build modules that can be fitted together to create a wall of storage.

You will find a wide variety of materials that can be used to make your storage cabinets:

  • 16mm SupaWood can be primed and painted in your choice of colour

  • MelaWood comes in a variety of matt, satin or gloss colours, or wood grain designs

  • Pine or plywood can be stained and varnished in matt, satin or gloss

Assembling your own built-ins means that you can design units that match with the style of your home, be it cottage, modern or traditional.

Open shelves or readymade bookcases also offer a way to use the space at the back of the bed. Buy or make individual bookcases that can be fitted together easily. If you prefer to keep your clutter out of sight, fit doors onto shelves to contain messy clutter and leave a few shelves open for display.

Storage beds, or underbed storage drawers, offers tons of space for bed linen and blankets, or seasonal clothing. A basic platform base, as an alternative to a mattress base, can be fitted with drawers on runners or casters for easy access.

At the end of the day, if these options don't work for you and you still crave for more storage space, consider adding a small attic conversion. This space could then be utilised as a dressing room or closet space. A small spiral staircase inside the bedroom won't take up too much space, and you will have access to plenty of previously under-utilised space in the ceiling.

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