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Shared bedroom for young boy and girl

For large families, or where space isn't available, sharing a bedroom is a necessity. This shared bedroom shows that you can incorporate spacesaving design - even in a small room.


For this large family, a shared bedroom for their youngest kids, a boy and a girl, needed some careful thought. The room needed to be planned so that each had their own individual sleeping area, a place to study, room to play and still have enough space to move around.

The solution was to install built-in furniture that would provide all the necessary functions around the perimeter of the room, leaving plenty of floor space open to move around.

The shared bedroom features a sleeping arrangement against one wall in the bedroom that consists of a loft bed built above storage drawers and a small closet, with a lower bed that fits snugly underneath. 

Designing your own built in furniture for a bedroom allows you to work around the best possible combinations for the size of the room and the functions you want to include in a room.

Programs such as SketchUp are ideal for the DIY enthusiasts who wants to design and build his or her own furniture. SketchUp is a free program that makes designing your own furniture easy once you get to know how the program operates.

The pale grey of the walls and built in, painted furniture provide a backdrop for the pink, pale red and blue undertones of the accessories brought into the room to add splashes of colour without overpowering the space. In a small room it is important to use neutral or light colours if you want the space to feel visually larger than it is. Painting the walls and painted furniture in the same colour allows the furniture to almost disappear into the background. 

The large desk top spans from wall to wall and offers enough space for two chairs, with a reading corner that has a built in storage bench. The storage bench doubles as a comfortable place to sit, while offering plenty of storage cabinets underneath for packing away toys, or shoes.

In a small room it is important to utilise the available space as much as possible. The loft bed allows for drawers and a closet underneath with a pullout rail for easy access. This allows the full depth (just under a meter) to be fully used.



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