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DIY ideas for decorating a nursery for twins

Here are some tried and tested nursery design tips for those expecting the pitter-patter of four tiny feet…



Planning a nursery for one can be a real challenge. But when it comes to designing a nursery for twins, that challenge just got doubled! However, there's no need to worry, most expectant parents find the task of putting together a nursery is helped, not hindered, by the specific needs twins represent. Here are some tried and tested nursery design tips for those expecting the pitter-patter of four tiny feet…


Be space smart

Twice the space is needed for twins, so consider putting the nursery in the biggest bedroom available. Easier said than done, when space is in short supply it is essential to be smart about how it is used. Two cots in a room will eat up floor area, but if they are compact models with space underneath for storage, they will earn their place.









Prioritize organisation

Storage ideas for children come in many imaginative and exciting designs so keep an eye out for interesting solutions. With twice the toys, clothing and bedding to stow away, look to store items up high on shelves, down low in baskets and attractive boxes, and utilise flat surfaces such as the sides of wardrobes and doors to affix useful storage hooks.

Invest in some spacious drawers or a dresser with multiple cupboards so that there is somewhere to tidy away everything at the end of a busy day's play.

When children graduate to larger beds, there are many clever storage beds and multi-use arrangements that make keeping tidy super-simple.





The practical basics

Aside from cots, a changing table (with inbuilt storage), a comfortable armchair or sofa for feeding and a low level lamp for night-time nursing are all essential.


Colour schemes and themes

So often dictated by the gender of the baby, what happens if the twins are a boy and girl? No problem, there are plenty of neutral shades that fit beautifully into stylish nursery schemes. Pale cream, pastel green, warm yellow and soft grey all work tremendously to give a nursery a calming and serene atmosphere. Instead of giving twins matching bedding and accessories, try using colors that coordinate – this gives a child a distinct space whilst reinforcing a unified theme.



Some parents choose to zone twins' nurseries, giving each child a separate area that is personal to them. This can include different wall colours, personal pictures, individual storage – all things that help reinforce the unique identity of a twin.


Themes are often used in nurseries to keep things interesting and popular boy’s themes that work equally well for twins include pirates, cowboys, dinosaurs and wild creatures. Nurseries for girls are often splashed over with pink and decorated with princess and fairytale themes – but there is evidence to suggest these rather clichéd themes are losing ground in favour of neutral, minimalist designs.

Wall art and stencils in charming designs that appeal to all children are widely available, easy to apply and can be changed when outgrown.




In decorating any nursery, there is a delicate balance to be struck between achieving a space that is stimulating but equally restful and calming for when sleep beckons. Whatever is decided, when twins arrive there is always one thing that can be guaranteed – and that's twice the fun...