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Jungle Theme Hanger for a Nursery or Toddler Bedroom

If you are looking for neutral gender nursery decor, why not make this jungle theme wall hanger.




A jungle theme bedroom is bound to be a roarrrrring success for a toddler, and you can also incorporate a jungle theme into a nursery as well, if you are looking for ideas for a nursery that is gender neutral. This jungle-themed wall hanging rack is a simple DIY project that you can do yourself with a jigsaw, scroll saw or Dremel Moto Saw, and it will definitely bring a touch of the jungle into any bedroom.


The board used to make your own jungle-themed hanging rack similar to the above is 12mm plywood. But do try and purchase a good quality or veneered pine for the project, or substitute with a PAR pine product. Or for those who prefer to order rather than make, here's the link.






12mm plywood or PAR pine

Woodoc Gel Stain, imbuia

Assorted paintbrushes

Clear polyurethane sealer

Steel hangers and screws



Jigsaw and narrow-cutting blade, scroll saw or Dremel Moto Saw

Orbital or Random Orbit Sander and 180 / 240-grit sanding pads









1. Draw the shapes for the animals using a pencil. You can obtain images from the web, or you can draw freehand designs.

2. Once you have drawn out the outline, carefully cut out the shapes with a jigsaw or scroll saw. Sand smooth after cutting out.



3. Outline the pencil with an artist's paintbrush and Woodoc gel stain. You don't have to worry about any bleeding - gel stain doesn't do this.







4. Once the design is done, apply 2 to 3 coats of clear polyurethane, let this dry and then attach the coat hangers.



Now the jungle-theme coat hanger is ready to mount on the wall. Use nylon walls plugs and screws to ensure a safe mounting.



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