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Real life bedroom makeovers

Small changes to a bedroom in a rented home can make the difference between 'staying' there and 'living' there. You might be renting, but you still want it to feel like 'home'.


If you speak to the landlord, most will agree to let you paint the walls with certain limitations and as long as you agree to paint them back to their original colour before you leave.





Dramatic shoebox makeover

So small, you simply couldn't imagine that this tiny space could be transformed into a bedroom. Why do developers think that a third bedroom should be designed for a midget!

Tranquil retreat

Discover colour

I always admire people for taking the time to paint a bedroom or refresh the living room walls, but I've always tended to shy away from colour. Well, after indulging in a few too many free swatch samples at the hardware store, I fell into a colour wheel high and emerged with the perfect hues of deep turquoise.

I must admit, cracking open the paint can meant for the bedroom was a little nerve-racking, I think I mumbled to myself  "what have you done?" But my love for colour stepped in and forced the first roll across the wall. Add in a few nightstand touches and the bedroom was ready to go. Now, my glowing wall of turquoise is better than any standard white I've seen.

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