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Bedroom Fit For A Princess

What little girl doesn't dream of being a little princess and having her very own princess bedroom?



Ballerina or angel, mermaid or princess, little girls dream of having a bedroom they can call their own and what little girl wouldn't like her own princess bedroom. When a young child is moving from a cot or crib into their first bedroom this gives the parents an opportunity to make it something special. For little boys, it is usually a sport or movie-related theme room and for little girls, something more elegant and pretty.

Decorating a bedroom with a princess theme doesn't have to be difficult, it's simply about choosing the perfect colour palette, buying, making or finding the right furniture to fit into the room and then finishing off with all the details that transform the room. So how would you go about decorating a little girl's room into a princess bedroom?







Keeping wall and trim colours neutral make it easy to add colourful details to a princess bedroom.


1. Painting the room

 Before you do anything else in the room, take everything out so that you can paint the walls and trim. Even though pink and white are generally considered the go-to colours for a princess bedroom, this doesn't have to be set in stone. You can vary the colour palette to suit your own - or your daughter's - favourite colours. What you do want to keep in mind when choosing a colour palette is to keep the colours muted. You don't want colour to overpower the room.

From a purely practical point of view, there is nothing wrong with keeping walls and trim in a neutral colour and adding muted pops of colour with accessories. That way, when your child feels like a change or it comes time to redecorate, neutral walls are easy to work with.






2. Bring In The Furniture

Before you start thinking about accessories you want to bring into the room, start with the larger pieces of furniture. There is going to be a bed, possibly a desk, and perhaps even a wardrobe. All these pieces take up valuable floor space, so place them in the room before adding anything else. This will give you a sense of the space and whether or not there is room for more.

Your little princess may well want to invite her friends around the play in the room or sleepover and is going to need room to move around and slide out the pullout bed. These are little things that often get overlooked in the design process but are just as important, if not more so, than how the room looks.


3. Add Soft Touches

With the big stuff sorted, you can turn your attention to adding soft touches using fabric and textiles. Consider items such as window treatments and whether you want curtains or blinds or perhaps even a combination of both. Rugs and carpets will bring a soft touch to hard flooring and add a luxurious touch for your little princess.







Bedding and linen for the bed can be a mix of plain, coloured and patterned fabrics to add more interest to the room and also to bump up the colours if the walls are painted white or a neutral colour. Using accessories to add colour, interest and pattern makes it easy to swap these around when a change is due or your little princess tires of the 'girly' look.


4. Beautiful Accessories And Finishing Touches

Any princess bedroom is unfinished without a beautiful light fitting that lights up the room and accessories that add that finishing touch. This is where parents tend to go a little overboard with pretty trimmings and decorations, but rein yourself in and try not to overdo it.

Follow the guideline that 'less is best' when decorating any child's bedroom around a theme. Even though you want the bedroom to look as pretty as possible, keep in mind that it is still a bedroom for a little girl and it still needs to be a room where she can play and move around without difficulty. Any decorations should be mounted onto a wall to keep the floor open.





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