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DIY upholstered pelmet for nursery

If you are looking for ideas to decorate a nursery, adding an upholstered or fabric covered pelmet is definitely one idea you might want to consider, especially if you are fitting blinds or a plain window treatment.


I came across this gorgeous gender neutral nursery decorated in white and yellow at Erin, with the help of hubby Chris, decorated their nursery in stages, using DIY projects to save money and create a wonderful bright and sunny nursery for the soon-to-be new addition to their family.

Using PAR pine planks cut down to size by Chris, Erin covered the boards with batting before wrapping them with a colourful elephant patterned fabric. A stapler makes the job easy and I recently posted on the new Bosch Tacker, which makes it even easier and works well when working with pine.

After wrapping with bating and fabric, the sides are fastened to the front of the pelmet with steel corner brackets. Use 16mm screws when working with 20mm thick pine.

You can also use steel corner brackets to attach the pelmet to the wall or window frame. If attaching to the wall, use small nylon wall plugs to secure into plaster and brickwork. Use a spirit level to measure and mark where to mount the pelmet,


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