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Colourful children's bedrooms

Children love colour, whether it's bold, primary colours, or more muted pastel shades. We put together some ideas for decorating a children's bedroom using both bold and pastel colours.


Children can never have too much colour - they love colour! It's fun to decorate a bedroom with colours, either using paint or colourful accessories.

When painting a children's bedroom it is important to use a paint that is washable. Walls need to be washed down regularly to remove grubby handprints. Prominent Paints offer a selection of tough, durable and washable paints that are perfect for a child's bedroom. Visit the Prominent Paints website and choose a Sheen paint from their range of products, with Prominent Paints Select Sheen being the most affordable option.

If you need to remove crayon from walls, grab a can of WD-40 ... it works!

Buy, or make your own, stencils to introduce patterns into a plain bedroom. If you have access to the Internet - you can choose from thousands of images that you can print out to make your own stencils. All you need is acetate or a thin plastic sheet and a stencil brush.

For those who prefer to keep a bedroom white, or a neutral colour, and add colour with accessories - you will love Rust-Oleum spray paint! Available at your local Builders, Rust-Oleum have a selection of beautiful colours that you simply spray on. Choose from Rust-Oleum 2X in satin or gloss, or Rust-Oleum Universal in bold, primary colours.

Combine colour and pattern to create a personalised bedroom for your little one. Revamp secondhand furniture with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint and choose wall colours that tie everything together. The bedroom below brings together a soft brown with muted pastel colours.


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