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Create a Cosy Bedroom for Winter

Whether you live by the coast, in the midlands, or in the most northern province, winters can get pretty chilly. We look at simple ways to create a cosy bedroom for the cold months ahead.


There are many ways to add a warm and cosy atmosphere to a bedroom, and depending on where you are located, there are hundreds of ideas to dress up a bedroom for winter. And you don't need to give the entire room a makeover when all it takes are a few touches here and there.

Layer the Bed

It's always a good idea to have a few extra accessories in your linen closet or blanket chest to add warmth to a bedroom, but there are many other ways to keep your bedroom snug and cosy, because who doesn't love a warm cocoon to retire to in the evenings.



The best place to start is to layer the bed with a throw or blanket to add that extra element of warmth that can be pulled up in the evenings to keep you snug and warm. Layering the bed lets you select the right level of warmth depending on how much the temperature drops at night. Fold all the added bedding at the bottom of the bed so that it's easy to unfold and drape over your bed for additional warmth.

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When you need to ward off the winter chills, you can layer on even more luxury with textured pillows for added warmth and comfort. If you are handy with a pair of knitting needles, cable knit blankets are easy enough to make, and faux fur blankets are on trend and look amazing in any bedroom.





If you are situated in a region that gets very cold in the evenings, you might want to consider buying or making an ottoman, bench or blanket chest that can be placed at the bottom of the bed to store all your winter bedding. That will make it easier to take out what you need.

Add a Headboard

Adding a headboard is another way to introduce warmth to a bedroom. You only have to look at beds that don't have a headboard to see that beds look unfinished without one and a bedroom can feel colder. You don't have to spend a fortune to add a simple upholstered headboard to any bed, or you can ask the experts at Finishing Touches to make a custom headboard for your bed.

Finishing Touches (inside Builders Warehouse) offer six beautiful headboard designs that you can choose from. Manufactured in standard bed sizes with extra space on both sides, select your choice of fabric and let Finishing Touches make up a headboard for you.

Warm Up Floors

In a bedroom with ceramic or porcelain tile, or laminate flooring, you can add even more warmth to a bedroom with a layer of comfort underfoot. Even some carpets need extra padding during the winter months and adding a faux fur area rug or patterned rug on your floor will add warmth.

Shop for a large rug that will fit under your bed and give you a place to rest your feet when getting in and out of bed. Or buy two smaller rugs that can be placed on either side of the bed. If possible, be on the lookout for quality rugs that have a decent backing on them that will prevent them from sliding around.



Block Out Cold

Windows are the main culprits for a chilly home. Gaps around windows and doors (and there are sure to be plenty) let in cold air and allow warm air to escape. If you are not able to insulate windows, use a layered window treatment to block cold air from coming into your bedroom.

A layered window treatment can consist of Roman or simple blinds that can be mounted directly above the window as the first layer. This layer will help to reduce airflow in and out of any gaps around window frames. The second layer of curtains will help to insulate the room and trap warm air inside.

Adding a layered window treatment isn't a difficult project and you only have to measure up to fit a curtain rail or track above the window in order to hang a beautiful pair of curtains. Shop for a medium-weight fabric for winter curtains, one that will definitely keep the chill at bay and add an additional feature to the bedroom.



If you can't be bothered to go shopping for window treatments, this is where the guys at Finishing Touches can do everything for you. All you have to do is measure up and let them do the rest. At Finishing Touches, you can choose the most suitable rod or rail design, as well as the perfect fabric for dressing windows in your bedroom.

Warm Up with Lighting

Set the stage for a cosy atmosphere with warm lighting elements. You don't have to replace your existing lighting unless you need to, but add warm white globes to create the perfect level of light for a winter bedroom.

A pair of bedside lamps are perfect for winter decorating and will add just the right amount of warm light. Boutique hotels around the world use warm lighting for the bedside to create the perfect mood and atmosphere for relaxing. Replacing cool white with warm white globes will instantly add warmth to any room and you can easily swap out globes when the seasons change.

Follow these simple tips to transform your bedroom into a cosy haven during the winter months. All the ideas listed above are easy to implement, can easily be changed when the seasons warm up, and won't cost that much. And at the end of the day when temperatures plummet, you will be wrapped in a comfortable cocoon.



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