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Placing a bed in front of a window

When designing your home or moving into a new home, bedrooms don't always have room to be fussy about where to put the bed. Sometimes placing the bed in front of a window works perfectly!


In a bedroom with limited space, choosing the place the bed in front of a window can be the perfect place. With a beautiful window treatment to frame the bed, you won't want to put the bed anywhere else.

Using a combination of window treatments and accessories you not only create the perfect focal point for a  bed but still allow plenty of light into the room.

If your bedroom receives too much sunlight and tends to be on the warm side during the summer months, choose a headboard that has height and structure and will make a big statement against the window.

When thinking about placing a bed in front of a window the biggest concern is how it will look. If that is the case, go for for serious drama and let the bed totally demand attention.

If you love lots of natural light but need extra privacy in the bedroom, consider combining two window treatments. Mixing sheers with a Roman blinds can be used to create a wonderful dreamy backdrop for the bed.

If you're in the market for a new window treatment for your bedroom, don't forget to get in touch with the experts at Finishing Touches (inside Builders Warehouse). They have a wide selection of fabric ready-made or custom curtains, as well as a range of blinds that will add privacy and style to any bedroom.

If you don't like the look of blinds, there's always the option of a layered window treatment with sheers and drops of curtains across the window. Place a single drop behind the bed to draw attention to the headboard.

A simple window treatment on a rod is an easy way to frame the bed and make it a stand-out feature in a bedroom. The headboard almost fades into the background while the detailed design draws your attention.

To visually enlarge a small bedroom, coordinate your window treatment with the headboard of the bed. This will give the room an airier look and make the room feel larger. You can always add interest with a few accessories, or replace a boring light fitting with one that's a bit more eye-catching.

When it's chilly outside and you need to keep out drafts, add extra layering of colour coordinated drops behind the bed. These make for an interesting change and can be packed away when summer returns. Adding this type of window treatment also make a small bedroom feel cosy and warm, with panels of fabric that envelop the space.


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