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Why you should consider having a Headboard

A headboard is a decorative feature for a bedroom, but it is also more than that, and we explain why.




Installing a headboard at the top of a bed offers you an opportunity to make any bed a feature in the room, and since the bedroom is all about the bed, it's an easy way to make any bed a stand-out feature if you choose the perfect headboard. Practical and beautiful, you can use a headboard to add personality and character to a bedroom that is missing that 'something'.

Having a headboard or not is a matter or personal choice and you can choose a wooden headboard, make a custom DIY headboard, or consider an upholstered plain or tufted headboard. The right headboard can be an item that creates a cozy atmosphere or just adds that extra special touch.







More than Decorative

While a headboard is a decorative feature, it is also a finishing touch for a bedroom, an element that lets you layer on texture and interest in a way no other furniture in the bedroom can. Some people prefer to do without a headboard, whether it's a matter of personal choice or lack of knowledge, a headboard isn't just decorative. A luxurious padded headboard provides you with a place to sit back and relax if you like to read or watch TV in bed, plus a comfortable place to relax if you need to do some urgent work before bedtime, but more than that a headboard also protects the wall behind a bed.








Add more Texture to a Bedroom

You can use an upholstered headboard to introduce another layer of texture into the bedroom, as well as it being a sound insulator. Today's headboards come in a variety of styles and materials, but personally, I love the luxury of a padded headboard behind my back, but you can choose a headboard material that complements the style of the room and impact the look and feel of a bedroom.



If you don't currently have a headboard, how many times have you woken up to find that your pillow has slipped down the head of the bed? Having a headboard helps to make your bed more comfortable and keep pillows where they belong.







Cielo Headboards on Special Offer

Take advantage of the Cielo special offer and save up to 24% on your headboard purchase. Available in single, double, queen and king sizes, the elegant Kate tufted headboard is available in a selection of trendy colours, all of which fit neatly at the head of the bed. Upholstered in luxuriously soft polyester/velvet blend fabrics, while the optional Masterguard stain protection ensures that oils and water-based stains aren't a problem and making it easy to keep clean.




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