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When Should A Child Move Up To An Adult Mattress?

Children's furniture expert, Design-A-Bed, advise on when a child should move up to an adult mattress.




Over a period of 11 years of designing and manufacturing children's beds and storage furniture, Design-A-Bed came forward with a very interesting topic and one that I am sure many parents will find informative.: When should a child move up to an adult mattress?

Design-A-Bed manufactures a wide range of children's bed and furniture and also supply a selection of mattresses that go with their bed range and pullout beds. They often receive queries from clients as to the type of mattresses they supply, how long they last and when it would be necessary to purchase an adult mattress for their child. This is a question that I am sure many parents ask themselves. Do you need to buy an expensive mattress for a child, and if you do, when?









Infants and toddlers moving from a crib or cot to their first bed require a mattress that offers firm support and Design-A-Bed receive queries from clients as to why their mattresses are so firm - they need to be firm. Infants and toddlers struggle to turn themselves when asleep and this is when it becomes dangerous if they sleep on a soft mattress. A firm mattress makes it easy for young children to turn over and you have less to worry about, which is why a cot or crib mattress should also be a firm, foam mattress.

If you are not keen on a foam mattress for your infant or toddler, latex foam is also an excellent choice but keep in mind that this is far more expensive than a regular foam mattress and you should invest in a mattress cover to protect the mattress.



Both a foam mattress and a latex foam mattress are firm enough to provide support for a young child, plus they allow a certain amount of breathability that will keep your child cool during the night.








A quality foam mattress with layered densities of foam, as supplied by Design-A-Bed with all their bed designs, will see a child through to the age of around 8 to 10, which is around the time that you need to think about moving your child up to an adult mattress.




A firm. foam mattress makes a lot of sense for young children as it is easy to clean and not an expensive replacement should your child have nighttime accidents or accidental spills.

But buying a foam mattress needs to be given some thought as there are many foam mattresses out there that tend to go sloppy too quickly and will need to be replaced more often. Design-A-Bed offers a mattress solution that is manufactured specifically for the hospitality industry and therefore provides firm support and a durable mattress cover. Anything less than that and your child will not be guaranteed a good night's sleep.








When your child reaches the age of 6 to 8 years, this is the time when their young bodies need proper support when they sleep. Now they are ready to move to an adult mattress and you won't have to worry about toilet accidents or spills spoiling an expensive mattress.


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