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Quick Tip: A comfortable bedroom

Fill your bedroom with colour, texture and pattern using soft decor accessories and bed linen.


There are very few ways to give your bedroom an instant update, but scatter cushions you can affordably change the colour and look of a bedroom, and styling with scatters is so easy. Simply add a few scatters to your bed, it's an effortless way to add a touch of fun to your bedroom. Colourful plains, patterns, quotes and pretty prints are all the rage in interior décor, so use them to make a statement.

Liven up your bedroom with bold colour and designs on scatters and don’t be afraid to experiment!

The bedroom is your personal space - a space where you spend the most time, so you want it to feel as comfortable as possible. Painting walls white in a bedroom is a clever choice, as these make an ideal background for colourful bedroom curtains. When the first rays of morning sunshine begin to penetrate the room they will illuminate the space with a pale reflection of their own gorgeous hues.

Adding colourful bedding is another easy way to bring energy and vitality into a bedroom. Position the bed centrally in the room for the most striking effect. During the day this acts as a panel of colour atop your mattress. When you snuggle up at night your colourful blankets should make you feel snug and warm.

By far the simplest way to incorporate a fresh, trendy look into a bedroom - regardless of the current colour scheme - is with bedding. No matter if they’re plain or printed, neutral or bold colours, when purchasing contemporary bedding it’s all about going with themes.

When decorating a bedroom you don’t have to stop at colourful curtains. You can add smaller accents with throw cushions, rugs, ornaments or wall hangings. The choice is yours, whether you match hues for a concrete scheme or have an eclectic blend. As long as you aren’t overwhelmed by a hue, it can be a pleasant addition to your decor, so be sure to experiment.

Adapted from article by Volpes.


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