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Bedroom Ideas for a Teen Boy

Teen boys, just like girls, love to have a bedroom that fits with their identity and we share a few ideas that you can use.



Most boys love the colour blue, but if he doesn't, let him sit down and discuss colour options for his bedroom.


I remember when I was a young girl, and even when my own boys were growing up; more emphasis was given to decorating a teen girls bedroom than that of a teen boy. Boys were usually left to their own devices when it came to decorating the room, and I remember how many posters got stuck on the wall - pictures of cars, football or favourite sports teams, and lots of other things that boys their age love. The rooms usually ended up looking a mess and it was never easy to convince them to clean up.







elle decor - suet bruno


Nowadays, boys, just like girls, like to have a bedroom that reflects their identity, be it a bedroom decorated to revolve around sports, one that features dinosaurs or comic book heroes, or just a bedroom where they feel comfortable.


Bring your child into the discussion

Just like when designing a bedroom for a teen girl, boys comes with its own challenges. They might be teenagers, but they are still overgrown kids and you will need to put your foot down to come to a decision on furniture and design. First and foremost in a teen boys bedroom is to make sure there is plenty of storage. Most boys are messy by nature and hate cleaning up after themselves, but if the room takes this into consideration and has plenty of storage, you might tame them to put things away or tidy up now and again.







Finding the right design for a teen bedroom for a boy will require that you at least discuss options with your child. He should have some creative freedom in decorating the room - within reason. You should also take into consideration that, he might be 12 now and still playing with action figures, but in a year or two his interest will morph into something else. The bedroom should be designed to consider this, whether it means cutting back on too many bold colours, buying practical furniture instead of over-the-top theme beds and allowing space for when friends come around or he needs to sit and study.


Whatever decoration you decide upon for the bedroom, make sure it is going to be easy to remove and replace when his interests change.


A style is better than a theme

If your teenage son likes a style more than a theme, that's great as it gives you plenty of ideas to work around. He might like modern furniture and colours or prefer something a bit more manly and 'grownup', but working with a style provides plenty of scope concerning colours, fabrics and furniture.


simon whitmore


For a teenager that is moving away from playing with toys, a calm and grown-up colour scheme that revolves around a younger version or industrial style, with metal and wood accessories and furniture as the focus of the room. Textiles and colours can be useful in softening the look.

Another popular style for a teen bedroom is coastal or nautical. It's kind of a theme bedroom with a more adult approach This style is also great for a young teen who loves anything to do with the sea without all the tacky decor that normally goes along with this style.


dominic blackmore


Whatever the style of the bedroom, make sure to incorporate plenty of storage with chests, drawers, shelves and other storage that fits in with the room design.







Let his identity shine through

Teenagers are rebellious by nature and you can let him display this side of his personality by letting him paint his own bedroom. Graffiti walls let him express himself and it gives his bedroom a modern teen look that can easily be painted over later on. Adding a graffiti wall is far cheaper than wallpaper he gets to do it himself - with a little help of course.


chris everard


Keep it simple

It isn't always easy to find the right bedding for a bedroom decorated in a style or theme, but it is always better to keep bedding and fabrics simple and focus on a feature wall with paint, mural or stickers. Colourful bed linen is a surefire way to refresh any bedroom and you can go wrong with layered bedding in bright colours; add plain or patterned blankets, pillows, and even a throw.


You don't need to go over the top to fill up the room with too much clutter. Sometimes a simple statement is the best one and will leave more space if the room also needs a place to study or sit and chill. 


richard powers


A loft bed, while considered dangerous for younger children, is probably the best piece of furniture you can get for a teen bedroom, especially if it allows the space under the bed to be used for leisure time. You can quite easily fit a study desk and a small chair in this space and still have plenty of room to move around.




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