Kiddies Table and Stools

A friend recently asked me to make a kiddies table and stool set for her little daughter, after she had seen something locally that was way out of her price range. I was surprised at how easy - and affordable - it was to make.


Priced at over R4000 if you want a table and four stools, you can make your own kiddies table and stools for around R1500 (excl. paint). And it's an easy project that can be done over a weekend.



The kiddies play table and the stool seats were made using 16mm SupaWood, while the legs are pine curtain poles that you will find at Finishing Touches inside Builders Warehouse.



The table top and stools were painted with Rust-Oleum Chalked ultra matt paint in Linen White and Blush Pink, and finished with a clear protective top coat. Apply with a quality paint brush according to the instructions on the can. Apart from sanding beforehand, no prep work was required before painting. Find the full range of Rust-Oleum products at Builders Warehouse.







1 of 600mm diameter table top

4 of 260mm diameter stool tops

4 of 454mm high table legs

16 of 284mm high stool legs

4 x 50mm screws [20]

Wood glue

Wood filler

No More Nails adhesive

Rust-Oleum Chalked in two colours, plus top coat


Drill/Driver plus assorted bits

Countersink bit

Jigsaw and clean-cut blade

Orbital Sander plus 120- and 180-grit sanding pads


Tape measure and pencil









1. Cut all the legs for the table and stools to length and then cut a 5-degree angle at the top and bottom.



2. Use an orbital sander and 120-grit sanding pad to round off the base of each legs.

3. Before cutting out the circular shapes for the table and stool tops, mark into quarters. This will make it easier to mount the legs later on. Find a tip here for cutting circles.



4. On the stool seats make a mark 40mm in from the edge along the 4 drawn lines. For the table top the mark is 60mm in from the edge. This mark indicates where to mount the legs.



5. Drill a pilot hole at each mark, angling the drill/driver slightly to accommodate the 5-degree angle of the legs. You can use a leg to help guide you when drilling the angled hole.



6. Glue the legs to the underside of the table top and stool seats and leave for about an hour.



7. After leaving the glue to set, drill a countersunk pilot hole through the tops into the legs and secure with screws.



8. Fill the holes part way with No More Nails adhesive (to prevent the wood filler from cracking or coming loose), let dry and then apply a layer of wood filler. Sand smooth once dry.





BELOW: Assembled kiddies table and stools.


Sand the edges of the table top and stool tops to make then nicely rounded off.