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5 Ways to style a bed on a budget

There's more than one way to style a bed using nothing more than a few affordable accessories. With these ideas you can style a bed to create mood, or swap out accessories for the changing seasons, or simply for a new look.

For all the bed styles shown below you can shop at your favourite linen store for accessories that match your existing bedroom decor, or buy accessories for a completely new look.

Keep it simple

If you prefer a less is more look for your bedroom then this look is for you. All you need are a set of 4 standard pillows, laid horizontally, one on top of the other for an unfussy, but effortlessly chic look. Add visual interest by introducing a single colour with a decorative cushion. Take your colour cues for the cushion for colours already used in the room, or colours that you want to introduce. 

Off-balance perfection

For a  slightly more dramatic version that still keeps it simple, but also adds a dynamic composition, soften the look by introducing a muted colour scheme of neutral or pastel hues. Then for added effect, a throw draped on the corner of the bed brings in extra drama.

Simply neutral

This no-frills look features standard, solid coloured pillows that serve as the base for the composition. Top this off with an arrangement of cushions laid on top in a casual manner. This type of arrangement is perfect for those who don't want to remove layer upon layer of pillows and cushions before settling down for the evening.

Perfect bliss

For the neat freak, this clean, neatly-tucked look is perfect for you. Make the bed a feature with a bold composition that uses standard and continental pillows. Dress the continental pillows in a colour that coordinates with the duvet or comforter, with a complementary hue for the standard pillows, and top this off with a darker hue at the front to create a sense of depth and contrast.

Boho style

If eclectic is more your style, add a sense whimsy to your bedroom by introducing assorted colours, textures and styles. Don't overdo this style, especially when using different textures and patterns.


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