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Style the perfect bedside table

Bedrooms deserve a little more attention, especially when you consider how much time we spend in this room. After the bed, the bedside table is the next piece that could do with a bit of styling.


We spend a lot of time in the bedroom; it's the place where we wake every morning, and the last room we spend time in at the end of each day. Most of us don't give enough attention to this room and yet it won't take much effort to freshen up and add some style. We look at a few designer secrets for styling the all-essential bedside table or cabinet.

Arrangement of fresh flowers

A bit of greenery in all the rooms in a home goes a long way towards creating a soothing atmosphere. A simple vase filled with freshly cut flowers not only injects colour and texture, flowers are also beneficial in boosting your mood. Just like other rooms in your home, a vase of beautiful blossoms or a small houseplant will do wonders for a bedroom.

Clutter contained

Bedside tables are generally small in size, so as not to take up too much space in a bedroom. That means there isn't a lot of space on the top and you're going to need a bit more storage if you keep a lot of items next to the bed. If this is the case, shop around to find - or make your own - bedside table or cabinet that offers extra storage.

Style according to size

You're going to select a bedside table that not only matches the style of bed, or decor of the bedroom, but also by the size of the room. A small bedroom or guest bedroom may only have enough space for a small table or cabinet for next to the bed. When styling this, don't place too many items on the surface - less is best in this instance. If more storage is required, choose a bedside table that offers storage underneath. 

Allow for essentials

Every bedside table will have the basics; a reading lamp, fresh vase of flowers, and an alarm clock (if you need one) or bedtime reading. If the space allows, you can also have a framed photo or a few small, personal trinkets. Alternatively, it's not unusual to hang a frame or picture - or even a mirror - on the wall behind the bedside table.

Focus on the feature

The bed is the feature in any bedroom, but in the absence of a headboard you can use bedside tables to frame the bed. An arrangement of small artworks above a bedside table creates a focal point that effectively frames the bed. This decorating trick also works well where there is only enough space for a small bedside table or two, or a large bedroom with minimal furniture.


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