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A nursery full of stars

Use our star template and Prominent Paints Sheen in your choice of colour to create a magical star nursery for your little one.


This star-spangled nursery has a wall of twinkling stars that creates a magical nursery that is easily decorated used matching colours and a few select accessories.


1. To decorate a feature wall with stars start by marking 450 x 450mm squares on the wall with 25mm wide masking tape. Ensure that the tape is pressed down firmly onto the surface of the wall.

2. Enlarge and print out the star diagram below so that the star is approximately 400mm in size.

3. Trace the shape onto a piece of acetate or plastic and cut out with a craft knife. The knife should be sharp for a crisp edge.

4. Place the template inside a square with the star centred in the middle and tape down before painting with a sea sponge and Prominent Paints Select Sheen in your choice of colour. Build up layers of paint, allowing the specified drying time between coats, until you are satisfied with the finished result.

5. Repeat the process for all the squares until the wall is filled with stars.


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