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Space-Saving Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

You have to be inventive when looking for space-saving storage ideas for a small bedroom and we have some clever yet practical ideas for you.



When you have to work with a small bedroom, finding enough storage for everything can be tricky, but there are some clever ways to find extra storage and some of these you might not have thought of. So let's take a look at some pretty clever and practical ways to have more storage in the bedroom.



1. What's under the bed?

If your bed doesn't sit on a solid base and the space under the bed isn't being utilised, you are missing out on some prime space that can be used for extra storage. Clean all the dust bunnies out of the way and go shopping for small wheelie containers or storage bins that will fit in the space.

Should be bed be low to the floor and not leave that much height for storage containers, there is always the option of using old drawers and add some castor wheels or even making box drawers to fit underneath the bed. It won't cost that much to assemble a few low boxes and adding castor wheels into which you can pile bedding, blankets, shoes or even vacuum-wrapped seasonal clothing. For those handy with power tools, there is even the option to make a lid for the box, so that anything stored under the bed will not get dusty.







Making an underbed storage project is an easy DIY task. Use 16mm SupaWood to make the box, sand and paint. Add castor wheels that only go forwards and backwards to make it easier to take the storage drawer in and out.



2. Make better organised closet storage

Built-in cupboards come standard with most homes, but they aren't the best when it comes to having more organised storage for all your clothing and fashion accessories. It's not too expensive to rip out builders-grade cabinets and fit custom storage fitted in its place. That way, you can customise the storage to meet your needs and use the available space more effectively.



Choosing the do-it-yourself option for adding a new closet makes sense if you are into saving money, but if you don't think you have the necessary skills, let a handyman / carpenter do the work for you. Don't rush into the designing the space just for aesthetics. It's more about making use of the available space in the most organised way possible. Maximise storage for all your clothing and accessories, including shoes, to keep them out of the bedroom.








3. Space-saving storage headboard

Here is another clever storage idea for all you DIY enthusiasts - making a storage headboard. Incorporating a custom storage solution around the head of the bed doesn't take up as much space as trying to fit the same arrangement on a wall. Plus, you can design the storage to suit your needs, whether it's extra storage for bed linen and blankets or more space for your clothes.



Storage headboards are a great idea for children's bedrooms, as they take up very little space and provide convenient storage for little ones. They can use a storage headboard for the favourite books or toys that they like to keep close to them. Another bright idea to add to a storage headboard in a child's bedroom is to incorporate a tap light. If you need to visit your child during the night, a tap light won't be as bright as a bedside lamp.








4. Dual-purpose furniture

Dual-purpose furniture always comes in handy - for any room in a home. In a bedroom, making or buying a storage ottoman to sit at the foot of the bed provides plenty of additional storage in a small bedroom. If you make a storage ottoman for yourself, you can customise the size to fit perfectly in the space available in a small bedroom. You can also make it higher or lower to accommodate the height of your bed.


If you're not fond of upholstered pieces, there is always the option to make a blanket or storage chest for the end of the bed. Both an ottoman or chest can be used for both seating and storage.


5. Make use of vertical space

People tend to overlook walls when looking for extra storage space, yet these vertical surfaces are great for storage shelves that don't take up valuable floor space. You can look for ready-made shelving that meets your needs or you can grab your power tools and make a shelf or two for a small bedroom.



Whether you use them for decorative display or practical storage, mounting a couple of shelves on the wall will provide a bit of extra storage. Just remember to keep shelves neatly arranged if you don't want the bedroom to feel cluttered.




6. Think about unused areas

Another possible area for storage that gets overlooked is around windows. We tend to leave a window wall blank and just add curtains. By adding storage around a window and fitting a blind, you are taking up too much floor space and can have a whole wall of storage.

This area in a small bedroom can also be utilised as a dressing table / home office area. There is plenty of natural light and more than enough storage to pack away your home office when not in use.





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