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Storage Around the Bed

In a small home, tiny flat or compact townhouse, making the best use of space around the bed frees up valuable floor space for a less cluttered bedroom.


Whether you are one of those that regard time spent in bed as a basic necessity or who view the bedroom as a sanctuary, it is a known fact that you spend around a third of your life in the bedroom. That's why your bedroom should be designed to be comfortable and a relaxing space to spend time in.

The space around the head of the bed is generally an underused space. You might already have a headboard fitted, or have placed some artwork on this wall, but utilising the area around the head of the bed makes a lot of sense, since it gives you a lot of vertical storage space without intruding too much on whatever floor space you have in the room.





A bed surrounded by a wall of fitted cupboards can be a very effective and practical way of adding storage to a bedroom, plus you can incorporate bookshelves and bedside tables into the design. But fitted systems are far more expensive than freestanding units and this option allows you to adapt and design the ideal storage solution to meet your personal requirements.







Built-In or Freestanding

A bedroom that is small and has limited storage space is not somewhere you want to spend a lot of your time. To add effective storage you can think about a storage scheme that runs up either side - or both sides - of the bed and have wall-mounted cupboards running over the top of the bed and across the wall. You can buy ready-made cupboards that require minimal assembly and that you can add to according to your storage requirements - or you can build your own.

You ideally want a solution that offers spacious drawers, cupboards with doors that let you store essential items out of sight, as well as shelves if you want to display a few of your favourite items.





Freestanding cabinets and cupboard units can be bought ready-made and painted or finished to complement your existing bedroom decor. This option works out far less expensive than a built-in solution and allows you to design the perfect system.

A Matter of Style

When you have made the decision for built-in or freestanding, you need to select a style and finish that is in keeping with the character of the room. Give thought to the design, finish and colour, as well as the final touches such as handles and knobs that you want for the storage units.

If you already have furniture in the room, you can choose to add storage that blends in with this, or you can consider giving it a fresh look by painting it to tone with the walls or colours in the room.

Not just for a master suite, the ideas featured above can just as easily be applied to any bedroom in your home. Imagine a guest bedroom where the cupboards can be used for extra storage, or a children's bedroom that offers plenty of space for clothes and toys.



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