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Safety First: Secure Children's Furniture To Walls

Making a home child-friendly is of the utmost importance when infants start to move around and investigate.




Before your new baby comes home, you spend days and weeks child-proofing the home to make sure there is nothing harmful that your child could encounter. Whether it's sharp corners on low furniture, decor accessories within easy reach, or exposed plug sockets. You take the task of child-proofing your home very seriously. But very few parents put steps in place to secure furniture; to prevent furniture from tipping over. Read on for more information:









As soon as an infant takes his or her first steps, or when they begin to climb furniture, your home turns into an adventure playground. Nothing is out of bounds when toddlers are out of the starting gate and everyday items turn into hazards. Parents must view everything from a child's point of view and expose the dangers that are hiding out of your sight. In this article, we look at a few misconceptions regarding furniture that tilts or tips and is, therefore, a hazard to your child.


In a 10-year period, 215 children died from injuries relating to a falling TV. 61% were boys and all were under 5 years of age.



• Can all furniture tip over?

You might think that not all furniture can tip over, but thing again. A chest of drawers might be filled with heavy items, but with a top drawer open, the centre of gravity differs and it is far easier for even this heavy piece of furniture to top over. I won't go into the consequences of this, but always keep in mind that accidents can happen in an instant, and the heavier the furniture, the more deadly the consequences. All loose - not fitted - furniture should be safely secured to prevent tipping.







• What furniture should be secured?

When children first learn to walk, they move around to discover everything new to them. It is also the time when children under 4 years of age are the highest risk of serious injury in the home. Any furniture that is not fastened down is dangerous. You might not think that a TV on a media console would be a hazard, but a child on tippy-toes can stretch and pull on the bottom of the TV stand and that's all it takes. Parents know that it only takes a second but many serious accidents could be prevented with foresight. Take a walk through your home on your hands and knees and you will see for yourself the many accidents waiting to happen.


It may not seem logical but all furniture that is not built-in can tip over. An open drawer or open door can throw off the centre of gravity and be the cause of serious accidents.









Furniture must be securely attached to the wall. Only use NYLON wall plugs or steel anchoring systems and steel angle braces or brackets. Everything you need to secure furniture to walls can be found at your local Builders store.



Masonry Wall



Drywall or Partition Wall



Drywall - Wood Stud Wall


Take a look at the video below for more information on the above fastening methods.





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