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Sailor-inspired Decor for Nursery or Toddler Bedroom

If you are looking for ideas to decorate a nursery or toddler bedroom, this sailor-inspired theme might be just the thing.


Here's a fresh take on an all-time favourite that's great if you are looking for ideas to decorate a nursery for a baby or toddler bedroom. All you need is a can of blue paint, masking tape and sailor-themed stickers that you can have printed for the walls.


Acrylic paint, blue

Paint roller and paint tray

Drop cloth


Cross-Line Laser or spirit level and straightedge

Tape measure and pencil






1. If using a cross-line laser to help you to mark out the location for the wall stripes, align this across the wall for a neat and accurate finish. Use the level line to apply the first, top strip of horizontal masking tape. You can add as many lines as you want - we have 4 lines in total to give the top panel effect.

2. Use the laser level to indicate the location for the vertical strips. A small strip of tape can be used to mark the location where the strips will go. 



3. Using the laser level, start applying the horizontal strips onto the wall. These strips start underneath the top panel and go all the way down to the floor. Repeat until all the vertical strips have been attached.

GOOD TO KNOW: Using a Bosch Quigo Plus with self-levelling means that the laser lines on the wall are 100% accurate.

GOOD TO KNOW: Double-check that all the tapes lines are completely flat against the wall. Use your nail to press down the edges to avoid bleeding when you apply the paint.

4. Put down a drop cloth before dipping your paint roller in a paint tray to apply the first coat of paint. Paint every other vertical or horizontal stripe with blue paint. Make sure that you don't paint outside the taped lines. Leave the paint to dry before applying a second coat. After the second coat, you can carefully remove the masking tape

GOOD TO KNOW:  You can use a paintbrush in the corners if necessary.



Finishing Touches

To mark the position for your stickers, align the horizontal line of the Quigo Plus in the centre of the two horizontal stripes. The target plate is used to ensure that the motifs are all evenly spaced apart by holding it against the wall and adjusting the Quigo Plus until the vertical laser line runs perfectly through the two red stripes on the plate. Peel and stick your wall decals at equal intervals.

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