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Need More Space For My Clothes!

If your current built-in closet is overflowed with clothing or you need extra storage for your stuff, think about building a narrow built-in cupboard along an empty wall.



It's a fact that we women love clothes, so much so that there isn't always space in the built-in closet for more. In my home, even my hubby likes to buy clothes - he's always looking for an excuse to go shopping for shorts, or t-shirts, or sporting gear. When this is the case, it won't be long before you run out of closet space and need somewhere else for storage.

It could also be that your family is growing and there is just not enough space for all your stuff, whether it's clothes, shoes, accessories or just plain 'stuff'. When this is the case and you are desperate to find more storage there is an easy way that you probably haven't thought of before.







Built-in cupboards of a shallow design are a great idea if you are looking for storage and only have limited floor space.


A wall of built-in cupboards, even 300mm deep, provides a lot of storage space - from floor-to-ceiling - without taking up too much floor space.


Choose a style for the built-in cupboards that complements your existing decor.







Why not build a wall of built-in cupboards along an empty wall - but one that is narrower than your normal built-in cupboards? Even a narrow cupboard that is only 300mm deep will provide an amazing amount of storage. Think about wall cupboards in your kitchen. These are only 300mm deep, yet they are able to contain a lot. This is a great way of adding much more storage to your home without losing too much valuable floor space.


Even though the built-in cupboards are shallow, you will still be able to shop for storage solutions that will allow you to fit your clothes into the space. Think pull-out rails or rods that allow you to hang your clothes for easy access, or pull-out racks or rails for trousers and pants. If you are handy with power tools it's an easy enough project to make custom fittings for a narrow built-in cupboard.







Despite the limited space a shallow wall of built-in cupboard allows, you can purchase fittings and accessories that will work to your benefit.



There are plenty of options for space-saving pull-out racks, rails and drawers that can be fitted inside narrow built-in cupboards.





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