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Creative range of shelves for kid's rooms

This creative range of shelves for children's bedrooms is brought to you by Up!Warsaw. Ecological and non-toxic, this little workshop designs unique storage solutions that are fun and practical.

Up!Warsaw hand makes every piece of furniture with attention to detail during production. This family business uses materials that are child-friendly, with not a piece of plastic in sight. In their little workshop they create ecological, non-toxic furniture and products for kids rooms that incorporate fantasy and adventure.

The airplane shelf 'Dashy' has lots of space for goodnight books and additional luggage can be hung on the axle or displayed on the wings. The shelf is made using 9mm and 12mm plywood that is easy to work if you want to make your own knock off wall shelf. Dimensions for the airplane shelf are 840mm long x 780mm high.


Grab your power tools and pop into your local Builders Warehouse to gather together all the materials and supplies you will need to make your very own airplane shelf, or one of the wonderful designs shown below.

Up!Warsaw brings the walls of your kids' rooms to life with shelf designs that include bi-planes, retro TV's and circus tents. This furniture is not just something to hang on the wall, each piece has something movable: with the airplane shelf you can turn the propeller, with the TeeVee shelf you can move the antenna up and down, and with the circus tent shelf you can turn the little flag in the direction you want.



Bring the circus to a child's bedroom with a shelf designed for storage brings magic to the walls of your kids’ rooms. Just the place for all the pets and wild animals, clowns, puppets and everybody who can do a nice trick. The circus shelf is made of plywood and available in a variety of colours.


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