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Easy and colourful coat hanger for child's bedroom

A piece of pine or MDF, some brightly coloured plastic cups and colourful paper or fabric and you can easily make this easy coat hanger for a child's bedroom.



Strip of pine or MDF as long as you want and approx. 200mm high

Colourful plastic cups

Fabric, wallpaper or patterned paper

Sprayable adhesive

16mm screws

Picture hangers, 2

Drill / Driver plus assorted bits


Tape measure and pencil

Find the materials and supplies for this project at your local Builders.



1. Place the board on top of the fabric or paper and draw lines for trimming the corners to secure at the back. Cut these with scissors.

2. Apply sprayable adhesive to the front and sides of the board, and also to the back of the fabric or paper. Leave or 5 minutes and then fold the paper over the sides to the back. You may need to apply sprayable adhesive to the back of the board, but do this once you know where to apply so that you don't end up with sticky areas on the back.

3. Measure and mark the centre of the board and position the plastic cups equal distance apart.

4. Drill a 2mm hole in the centre of the base of each plastic cup and secure to the base with 16mm screws.

5. For added decoration cut out embellishments and glue these onto the hanger.

6. Screw picture hangers at the back of the board to hang onto a wall.


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