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Grey Bedrooms for Kids

Grey is the new pastel for children's bedrooms. When you want to decorate a gender neutral nursery, or a child's bedroom with a more modern look, grey is definitely the colour to choose!


Move over pink and blue, it's time for hues of grey to rule the bedroom and nursery. Not just for a boy, grey is popping up in bedrooms and nurseries for both boys and girls - and it looks sooo good.

Grey is one of those colours that goes with any other colour in the colour wheel; introduce light or dark blues for a boy's bedroom, or go pastel pink or magenta for a little girl. There really is unlimited options when you use grey as the main colour in a bedroom or nursery.

When you look at the colour psychology for grey, it is defined as a colour that is conservative and stable - and today's gey hues are anything but boring and bland. You can choose grey with a hint of blue to cool down a room - or with a hint of red to warm things up. Grey with a dash of yellow is very modern, but only use colours in the yellow spectrum when using this hue of grey.

It's also easy to introduce interesting patterns with grey as the predominant colour. Use black and white as accents colours to really make a room pop and not overpower the senses.

Pop into your local Prominent Paint store and ask to see colour swatches for your favourite shade or hue of grey. It can be light or dark, warm or cool, depending on what you envision for the room. At Prominent Paints you can have any paint mixed to your specific colour requirements and introduce shades of grey to a bedroom or nursery.



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