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Making coastal style furniture for a child's bedroom

This coastal style furniture is easy enough to make using PAR pine or reclaimed wood, and is painted in coastal theme colours.


You don't find beautiful children's furniture like that shown here locally, which means you either have to have it custom made or grab your power tools and make it yourself. The design of the furniture is actually quite simple, and it is the pastel hues, raw wood and crisp white colours that make this furniture stand out.

Coastal Hut Bed

Perfect for a larger bedroom, the coastal hut bed is a bed frame clad with a panelled surround painted in beachy-theme hues of shades of blue, white and raw wood.

To make the coastal hut bed you would start with the bed itself and the add the panels around this to create the hut, before finally adding the top.

Coastal Headboard and Bedside Cabinet

For the smaller bedroom a panelled headboard is painted in beachy hues to match the bedside cabinet.

Use a matt paint for painting the wood, as this can be easily sanded to give the distressed effect of coastal style furniture. To ensure durability and for easy cleaning apply two or three coats of Prominent Paints clear acrylic sealer over the painted and distressed finish.

Coastal Storage Cabinets and Cupboards

Every bedroom needs storage and these beach hut storage cabinets and cupboards enhance any beach-theme bedroom. The panelled doors can be made using different widths of pine or reclaimed wood and painted as mentioned above. 

Start by making the frame, add the roof and finally attach the panelled door. Secure the door panels together at the back with a horizontal strut at the top, centre and bottom of the door.

Coastal style desk

Children need a place to study and do their homework and this coastal style desk can be made in any size for a bedroom large or small. You can buy a variety of pine products at your local Builders, or shop online for reclaimed wood.

Cut the side panels out of 16mm or 18mm MDF - or have all the pieces cut to size at your local Builders. Do apply two to three coats of Prominent Paints clear acrylic sealer to the top of the desk.


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