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Children (8 - 12) Need Space And Storage For An Enjoyable Bedroom

We offer some functional ideas to put into practice when decorating a bedroom for a child 8 - 12 years of age.




Children have lots of toys and lots of stuff and it can be almost impossible to keep everything in its place, but with these functional ideas, your kid will love his or her bedroom.







1. Design a Comfortable Bedroom

Children spend a lot of time in their bedroom and not just for sleeping. As they get older they may spend more time in their room for study, to get together with friends and have a sleepover, or to sit and read or play music. All kids love bright colours and an absence of colour in the bedroom is not conducive to a comfortable and relaxed environment. You don't need to go overboard with colour, just make sure to have a few select colours either on walls or in fabrics and accessories.



Don't forget to take into consideration that children aged 8 - 12 are beginning to assert their independence, so include them in any decision you make for colours, decor and accessories in the room. They might also be able to give you some fun or practical ideas that can be incorporated into their bedroom.








2. Allow Room for Creativity

While the primary purpose of the bedroom is, of course, sleep, don't forget how much time they spend in the room for other activities. At this age, homework becomes a struggle that children need to stay on top of, so setting up an interesting area for study is a must. Let them hang pictures on the walls - a chalkboard or whiteboard is ideal for protecting walls from damage, or you can buy a piece of softboard at the hardware store where they can pin their notes and favourite images.


Kids at the age 8 to 12 are establishing their independence, so let them be involved in any decisions when it comes to decorating their bedroom.



3. Storage is Essential for Clutter-Free Room

Kids at this age can be messy. They get home from school, toss down their bag, drop school clothes on the floor and get stuck into homework. They give very little thought to the mess they leave in their wake. Make sure to provide plenty of storage solutions that make it easier for them to keep their room clean. Cater for quick hanging of clothes with coat hooks on doors or walls, ensure baskets where toys can be tamed, and have shelving or cupboards for all their school supplies.







Wall mounted storage is the best option for a small bedroom, especially if there is already a study space in the room. Storage mounted onto walls or shelves won't take up any floor space and as long as it is as the right height, kids will make use of it.


Chalkboards or whiteboards are great for kids, although of these two a whiteboard is the cleaner option. You can mount a whiteboard close to their desk or next to the bed where they can express their imaginations.





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