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Furniture Pieces Your French-Themed Bedroom Needs

French design is all about creating a romantic and relaxed style, making it ideal for bedrooms


French interior design is all about creating a romantic and relaxed style while maintaining a polished finish, making it ideal for bedrooms. It gives a distinct nod to traditional design features without shying away from adding in modern elements. The look incorporates fresh and vibrant colors, prints and fabrics to keep things bright, while avoiding fads that will look dated in years to come. For this reason, French style never goes out of fashion.

People who lean towards more natural, pastel colors are most likely to find a French interior style appealing, as the look is based around these colors with accents of brighter hues. If you're going for a French theme in your bedroom, there are a few key items if furniture which should be on your must-have list.







Romantic Headboards

The bed is the centerpiece of any room, and French style makes the most of it by making sure it draws the eye. French designers use ornate headboards, painted or upholstered in pretty pastel tones, to make the bed a stand-out feature. Many home decor stores stock French-style headboards. If you're on a budget or want a rustic, authentic feel, it's worth checking out flea markets or second-hand stores to see if you can pick up a bargain. You could also add a canopy hanging over the bed with luxurious curtains to create a little sanctuary. Velvet or floral fabrics are the ideal choices for bed canopies as they look so romantic. You can buy tassel curtain ties in homeware or craft stores to gather the curtains elegantly during the day.


Rustic Wood Fireplace

Nothing adds romance to a bedroom like a traditional fireplace. If, like most people, you don't have a fireplace in your room, you could install a realistic electric fireplace and purchase a French-style fireplace surround to set the look off. You can purchase an original piece second-hand, or buy a new one and paint and distress it to get a country-style French look. Adding vintage ornaments, vases of fresh flowers and special photographs in ornate frames helps to make a feature of the fireplace and gives a cozy feel to your room.


Dressing Table

It's always practical to include a dedicated space for getting ready in any bedroom. White dressing tables are especially popular in French design. Keep the style traditional to make sure it's in-keeping with a rustic French theme. By painting a wooden dressing table with white chalk paint and gently sanding it to distress the paint, you can make even a new, cheap dressing table look like an expensive antique piece. Remember to buy a matching stool so you can get ready in comfort.



Wooden Benches

Although wooden benches don't spring to mind when you think of a cozy bedroom, they can actually be a great, space-saving way to add seating into your bedroom design. They are typical of traditional French interiors and can easily be found second-hand for next to nothing. Placed at the end of the bed, they are a convenient place to sit while you put your socks and shoes on or enjoy a morning cup of coffee.







Reclaimed Dresser

A French-style dresser is a good storage solution as you can use it for clothes and bed linen, creating extra space in your wardrobe. You can purchase dressers in a French-style from many home stores. However, as the theme of your bedroom is rustic, a reclaimed dresser may look more authentic and cost less as well. Both solid wood or painted and distressed dressers will fit in perfectly. You can accessorize a plain dresser by adding vintage-style drawer knobs to make it more unique and special. A jug of fresh flowers on top will add color to the room and amp up the romance of a reclaimed dresser.


Oversized Accessories

Although not strictly furniture, adding pretty accessories to your room is the key to creating an authentic French feel, especially if you can't afford to replace all of your furniture. Choosing oversized options create drama and makes a room look more opulent. Oversized vintage clocks and mirrors with ornate frames are both popular in French bedroom design. If you can afford it, replacing your light fittings with an oversized chandelier helps create the atmosphere of a French chateau.


The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you now understand how to create a cozy and dreamy French-style bedroom in your own home. Although French design looks luxurious, you can create the look on a budget if you're ready to spend some time trawling flea markets and antique stores on the hunt for bargains. With a bit of paint and TLC, you can transform scruffy-looking pieces into a shabby-chic furniture perfect for your French theme.






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