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A pair of cleverly designed shared bedrooms

More often than not, a growing family means a larger, more expensive home. Interior Designers Peppermint Bliss took on the challenge to create two cleverly planned children's bedrooms that allow plenty of space for a growing family.


The first bedroom design features four bunk beds spaced along opposing walls. The long, narrow room allows space at the end, between two long windows, for a table and chairs where the children can play. This arrangement is ideal for a smaller home and allows a small play area for younger children.

The chunky design is sturdy and strong. You will find a selection of PAR pine products at your local Builders Warehouse. Measure up the room and plan the layout and design for DIY construction, or have a handyman / carpenter do the project for you. A designing and planning tool such as SketchUp is worth the small investment if you plan of making your own furniture and project.

GOOD TO KNOW: Any bunk beds should be securely fastened to the wall on one side. Too many accidents happen when bunk beds are left freestanding.

When designing your bunk beds make sure to allow for storage space in the base. This can be something as simple as open compartments for baskets for storage bins, or properly fitted pullout drawers, or simply compartments with doors to keep clutter out of sight. 

The bedroom below serves a dual purpose. The queen bed can accommodate two girls, while the bunk above is ideal for a young boy. Or the larger bed can be for adults and a child can sleep on the top bunk. This is a great idea for a smaller home, or a guest cottage with limited space. 

The white plank walls give the room a coastal theme while pink and navy patterned bed linen continues the theme onto the beds. The pink polka-dot bedding would normally be considered girlie, but the boat-themed fabric allows the room to be used for a boy or girl.

GOOD TO KNOW: To achieve the planked wall you could use 3mm SupaWood strips glued down with No More Nails adhesive. Paint all the strips white before mounting.


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