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Furniture designed for children

Kutikai design and manufacture a range of furniture and accessories for children that is inspired by children. Furniture that is simple, ecological, and practical in every detail.


The use of quality materials and neutral colors create a unique atmosphere of space for children that is both fun and ecologically appealing.

When manufacturing children's furniture ,the creative process begins with the idea. This is immediately translated into conceptual sketches. The production process incorporates a variety of eco-friendly materials, such as birch and other veneered plywoods.




Founders of Kutikai, Mary and Dorothy, are both friends and parents. After studying architecture in Poland they decided to join together to make a range of furniture driven by the joy their children provide, and also to give joy back to their children. Kutikai is all about personal attention to detail made with love. It is drawings, prototypes and patterns to create simple yet practical forms.

Inspiration for new projects arise at the most unexpected moments, like when playing with their children, or during daily activities as mothers.

Manufactured in Poland, Kutikai is distributed at various outlets, but unfortunately not here in South Africa. But take a close look at the various furniture designs and you will see that anyone with a bit of DIY savvy can quite easily replicate the look and style using locally available birch, pine or meranti veneer plywood.

There are various stockists for veneer plywood around the country where you can buy sheet or sheets of cut plywood. Download free SketchUp software to design your own children's furniture and grab your tools to get started.



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