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Eco-Friendly Nursery

When you are decorating the nursery for your new arrival, you'll want to use eco-friendly, non-toxic and organic materials in the room.


Modern trends for a nursery or children's bedroom are for neutral colours or muted hues. It's so easy to achieve the perfect look with the Evolve range of soft neutrals and combination with bold accessories. See the full range of colourful options in the Evolve range at your nearest Builders. Priced at around R369 per 5 litre container, Evolve in water-based and easy to apply with a paintbrush or paint roller - plus it dries quickly.

The first step in decorating a nursery or child's bedroom is to paint the walls. Did you know that most paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs)? In fact, the smellier the paint - the more VOCs it contains. For baby's room you don't want a room that smells - or one that is filled with VOCs.









Evolve paint is odour-free and gentle enough that you can paint a room in the day and sleep in it that same night, making it the ideal paint for little ones. Evolve is an eco-friendly interior paint that has zero VOCs and no smell. This paint is also water and steam resistant, and easily wiped down with a cloth to keep walls clean and fresh.

DID YOU KNOW: Products with a high VOC content can cause headaches, respiratory infections and vomiting.

With the walls painted you'll want to go shopping for furniture and accessories. Selecting the right décor for a nursery or child's bedroom is an exciting time. However, you will want to be on the lookout for items that are not only modern, or are perfect for the room, but are also eco-friendly.

In today's mass-produced world, nearly everything you buy contains harmful VOCs; from textiles to synthetic furniture. To ensure a healthy room environment look for items that are manufactured from organic materials.

Wood furniture has always been a wonderful way to add warmth and texture to a nursery. There is a growing trend towards a nursery decorated with hardwood, bamboo or plywood furniture as an alternative to melamine and other synthetic board products. Young children use their senses to experience the new world that surrounds them, and it's up to you, as the parent, to make sure their environment is as healthy as possible.




GOOD TO KNOW: When buying synthetic furniture and fittings, be sure to let these 'gas-off' for a couple of weeks before introducing them into the nursery or child's bedroom.

Gassing-off refers to the process where toxic gasses are released from a variety of synthetic materials. Remember that new carpet smell, or the smell of new upholstered furniture? While we associate those smells with a good experience, the truth is that the smells are related to toxic gasses being released into the air inside our home.