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Carve out Space for a small DIY Dressing Table

Not every home has the luxury of enough space for a readymade dressing table, so why not carve out a small space and make your own dressing table.


I have been in plenty of homes where space has been on the tight side, especially in the master bedroom where there isn't even enough space for a dedicated dressing table. But there are ways and means of carving out enough space for a small dressing table or area where you can store and apply your makeup every morning.







Space for a Dressing Table

Sometimes you need to be a little bit creative when it comes to finding a space to place a dressing table. Whatever space you consider, it should take into consideration the following:

- Plenty of natural or artificial light

When applying your makeup you need plenty of light to ensure that your foundation is flawless and your eyeliner in the right place. You either need to have a window - one that receives plenty of natural light - close by, or being able to access a plug point to wire up artificial lighting for the dressing table.

- Space to move around

Even though you will only be sitting to apply your makeup, you still want to have enough space to move around the bedroom. Early mornings are a rush for everyone and you don't want your partner in a bad mood because he or she can't move around to get dressed. Try to position the dressing table in an area that is reasonably out of the way and won't take up too much floor space.

- Access to electrical point

If you also want to use the dressing table to style your hair, or use corded appliances, access to an electrical outlet is a must if you don't want extension cables lying around on the floor. If you can't manage this, do make sure to secure electrical cables to skirting boards or flush against the wall to keep them out of the way.

- Allow for plenty of storage

Unless you have a makeup centre that stores and keeps all your makeup organised, you are going to need some type of storage within the dressing table. This can be shelves or drawers, or you can make use of baskets to keep all your makeup essentials out of sight but still within reach.





Make use of Corners and Alcoves

Corners are often underutilized when designing a home but empty corners - especially those close to a window - let you easily set up a small shelf with storage that serves as a dressing table. Alcoves within a room are another area that is ideal for fitting or building-in a shelf or dressing table.







Dual-Purpose Dressing Table and Bedside Table

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the obvious... a dressing table that also serves as a bedside table. You can set up an attractive area that looks good in any bedroom and let this double up as a dressing table and bedside table. In this way you don't lose any valuable floor space in a small bedroom.


Dressing Table in Front of a Window

There is no rule that says you can't put a dressing table in front of a window. When there is no other space for a dressing table, in front of a window is a great space to take advantage of. It offers you plenty of natural light for when you put on your makeup, and the option to add artificial light sources if you need to use the dressing table in the evening or early mornings.


Whatever the space you have to work with, there's bound to be at least a little bit of space for you to set up a small dressing table. Take a seat on the bed, put on your creative cap and look around to see how to best move or alter the room to make sufficient space and then design the perfect dressing table for yourself!



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