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The Ultimate Bedroom Luxury

Whatever the setting, a diamond-tufted headboard instantly becomes a feature in the bedroom.


Adding any style of headboard to a bed instantly adds a statement feature to a bedroom, but nothing is quite as dramatic as a diamond-tufted headboard, especially when upholstered in luxurious fabric.

Furniture styles may come and go, and what's trendy today may not be considered as such in a year's time. Diamond-tufted furniture has been around for a very long time and it is one of those styles that offers a timeless design to any piece of furniture. You only have to look at Chesterfield furniture to realise that tufted pieces are elegant and won't date.

If you love the luxury appeal of a diamond-tufted headboard but have no desire to make your own, let the experts at Finishing Touches design a made-to-measure diamond-tufted headboard for your bed. The offer two height options; choose from 600mm high or 1200mm high, or specify a custom size. Their diamond-tufted headboards can be mounted to fit a three-quarter, double, queen or king size bed.



When having a headboard made by Finishing Touches, you can select from a variety of designs in your choice of fabric. And with a waiting time of approximately 10 - 15 working days, you don't have a long wait before you can install your own diamond-tufted headboard!





Tufting is the process of layering padding over a piece of board and then applying fabric in such a way that it creates 'tufts' or layered pleats on the surface of the fabric. Diamond-tufting uses the same process but a diamond pattern is laid out for tufting and this is what gives this process its name.

The signature style of diamond-tufting looks stunning when combined with luxurious fabrics such as velvet, and with the addition of embellishments like crystal buttons. Diamond-tufting on a headboard gives any bedroom an elegant and romantic look.



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