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Design A Bedroom For All Seasons

Instead of decorating your bedroom for summer or winter, why not decorate it in colours that look great no matter what the season!




Interior design articles and sites like Pinterest are a great source of information and inspiration for putting together a cohesive look on any room in the home. But what if you don't want a bedroom decorated for summer and then have to change it for winter. What if you want a bedroom that looks good all year round - summer and winter?

Nowadays it's great to mix things up and have more than a single colour in a neutral colour scheme. The days where red and green should never be seen are gone and you can pretty much use any colour you like for an eclectic or Boho-inspired bedroom. It got me to thinking that there are many people out there who just want to decorate a bedroom once and not have to switch things around every season.









Blush pink has been a come-back colour for the past few years and we have seen this colour in living and dining rooms, bathrooms and, of course, bedrooms. It's a warm colour that isn't heavy on the heat factor but rather adds softness to a room. Blue has always been a popular colour choice for bedrooms, especially a bedroom where you want to create a calm and tranquil setting. So why not pair these two colours together?

By pairing pink and blue with a dash of white, cream or taupe, you have a bedroom that is dressed for all seasons - warm or cold. These two colours work beautifully when paired together and give off a feeling of warmth and tranquillity that is perfect for winter or summer - and you don't have to chop and change your bedding just because the season changed. Using these two colours is also a great way to save on bedding. Splurge on a beautiful, neutral duvet or comforter and a selection of throw blankets and then bring in pink, blue and cream/white/taupe pillowcases to bring everything together.







Finish off the look with a few matching accessories, or mount artwork above the bed that incorporates all the colours you have used and you will have the perfect palette for the bedroom.



If pink is just not your colour, think deeper or darker colours. You can still pair blue with a burgundy or purple hue that will add just as much warmth.


For a more simple approach to a pink, blue and white colour palette, have bedding in soft pink and white and bring in a blue window treatment to frame the bed.


Buy your bedding sets in a single colour and create a mood using pillowcases in contrasting or harmonious colour.










Variations on a theme, switch out the blue for a cool grey colour to still create a calm and soothing atmosphere in your bedroom. You can also look at using a deep green colour as a substitute for blue. Keeping your options open to only having to buy new pillowcases or perhaps a throw, you can switch and swap colour combinations to your heart's content.




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