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Decorating A Guest Bedroom For The Holidays

If you are looking for ideas to decorate a guest bedroom for the holidays and unexpected guests, we have some budget-friendly solutions for you.


If the furniture is dark, fill with light-coloured linens to lift the room.


With a Covid vaccine in the pipeline, there may not be time for everyone to have access to this, which could mean that you could still have unexpected guests to stay for the festive season since there is nowhere else to go!

Getting a guest bedroom kitted out for planned or unexpected guests is one project you don't want to put off for too long. There is still plenty of time to do it if you start now, especially if the room needs painting, as the last thing you want is for your guests to sleep in a stinky room - even if you do use low VOC paint!


I have written this article to give you time to shop around or online for Black Friday specials on 27 November 2020.


With so many of us keeping a tight rein on our spending, any ideas for decorating a guest bedroom need to be budget-friendly or at least not too expensive. On my side, I will probably be doing lots of crafty DIY projects to add some festive cheer and decoration to the room as well as splurging on new towels and guest accessories such as soap, scented candles and so on. What will you do to get your guest bedroom ready for guests?







If you paint walls in a bright or neutral colour, you can easily inject colour into the room with bedding and linens or a piece of art for the wall.


1. Decide on a colour scheme to tie-in with the style

Before you do anything in the room, decide on a colour scheme or style that you want. This can be anything from a traditional style with dark wood furniture, coastal or cottage theme with white-painted furniture, a modern or contemporary bedroom that is kitted-out with modern designs, or just an eclectic mix of what you have to spare to decorate the room. If one thing will tie everything together it is a colour scheme.

Choose light or neutral colours for walls and trim and muted or bold colours for curtains and accessories. Unless you are buying everything you need to decorate the room from scratch, you will probably be making do with items you already have, so take that into consideration.







If you need furniture for the guest bedroom, visit online auctions and classifieds to pick up bargains that can be given a quick and easy makeover with paint.


2. Give it a coat or two of paint

If the room has been sitting empty for a while, you may need to refresh it with a couple of coats of paint. Old paint tends to darken on the walls and that just won't do. Plus, it's always better to get the hardest part out of the way first. Empty out the room so that you can give it a good clean from top to bottom. This is also a perfect opportunity for you to see what needs to be done to get the room ready for guests.


Choose a paint colour that will complement whatever colours you have decided to use to decorate the room - taking colour cues from a new set of bedding is easy or you can use a piece of art that is already in or soon to go into the room. Keep paint colours light if the room is small in size or the room does not receive a lot of natural light. You want your guests to be chipper and cheerful, not dull and depressed.


If you need to fit more than one bed into the guest bedroom, let them share a headboard and bedside table.


3. Arrange furniture to allow movement

You don't want your guests to have to squeeze their way in and out of the bedroom, so it is always wise to arrange the furniture to allow movement in, out and around to the sides of the bed. In a small bedroom, this may require some very clever manipulating and being clever, like adding a couple of shelves onto the wall next to the bed inside of bedside tables. If the room is of compact size, leave floor space as is and make use of the walls for storage.







Shop for house-brand white linen that can easily be partnered with bright plain or patterned accessories.


5. Refresh linens and textiles

If the fabrics and textiles you plan on using in the room are looking worse for wear, I have allowed plenty of time for you to shop Black Friday specials and pick up reasonably priced replacements. You want a guest bedroom to be fresh and welcoming and sun-bleached curtains, stained bed linen and grubby mats just won't do.

You can save a lot of money simply by purchasing house-brand names of white linen and bedding and pick up special pricing on duvet inners and plump pillows. And by using white for the bed linen, you can easily bring in new colours with accessories such as cushions and artwork.


White bed linen will help to make a small guest bedroom more spacious and less cramped.


6. Dress up with tasteful accessories

Less is more when accessorizing a guest bedroom. A few basic accessories such as matching bedside lamps, a throw of cover in case the weather cools, place to put suitcases and always, always a vase of fresh flowers or a potted houseplant. These are the simple things that your guest will appreciate and that will make them feel more at home and welcome.

On top of that, don't forget to include some beautifully scented soap and perhaps some bubble bath or bath salts, fluffy bath towels. Not too much though - you don't want them to stay forever!




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