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Fun Project For A Child's Bedroom - Painted Play Rug

If you are looking to add some fun or an indoor play element to a child's bedroom or playroom, we show you how to turn a sisal or coir rug into a hopscotch activity.




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With winter just on the horizon, it won't be long before kids are kept indoors due to the cold weather. This coir or sisal fun activity game is a quick project to do yourself and you can put the rug in a child's bedroom or playroom, put it outside on a covered patio or even make space in a family room so that the kids can play when the weather is too cold to go outdoors.








When the weather is cold, you don't really want the kids to play outside. Making this fun activity rug shouldn't take you more than an hour tops and you will find everything you need at your local Builders store.

If you do not have a coir or sisal rug you can re-purpose for this project, take a look online to find an affordable rug. There are plenty of suppliers of coir and sisal rugs so you can select one that fits in with your budget. And don't forget to ask around, someone might have a rug they would be willing to part with for a small price.



Keep the kids occupied during the winter months by making a fun activity play rug that the kids can use indoors or outside on the patio.



Coir or sisal rug

Chalk paint

Chalk, white

Painter's tape

Foam paint roller, medium length and paint tray

Number stencils


GOOD TO KNOW: Masking tape is useless for this project as it doesn't stick nicely to the rug material. Only use painter's tape (the blue one).









Step 1

Give the coir or sisal rug a good cleaning before you start painting.


Step 2

Using ordinary chalk, draw out the location and numbers on the coir or sisal map. Yours may not be as big as the one shown here so you might need to work on a smaller scale to fit everything onto the rug.


Step 3

Take the number stencils and place these on the rug and then paint over with a foam roller and chalk paint or a stencil brush.








Step 4

Let the painted numbers dry below outlining the squares with painter's tape. Paint around the outside of the painter's tape with your foam roller.



Step 5

Allow the chalk paint to dry before removing the painter's tape.



And there you have it... an activity rug that the kids can place anywhere and have fun without driving you mad!



For more information on this project, watch the video below. 









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