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How To Create A Luxurious Master Bedroom

If you feel like your bedroom is not giving you pleasant dreams, might be time to look at introducing a few luxurious touches.



My bedroom is also my home office, especially since this is the only room in the house that has an air conditioner and the weather has been too hot and humid to work anywhere else. But when I stand back and take a look at the bedroom as a whole, it's not exactly a luxurious master bedroom - more a make-do bedroom.

Being an avid DIY enthusiast, most of the stuff in the bedroom is handmade by me and that includes the storage base for the bed, the two wall-mounted bedside tables and a few storage pieces. These pieces do add to the overall look and feel of the room, but there could be more. So if you are considering a few luxury items to add that final finishing touch to your bedroom, here are a few things you should be thinking about:








If you are wanting a luxurious master bedroom, you can afford to be a scrooge on shopping for accessories for dressing the room. Lighting is an important element for a master bedroom. How you light up the room will determine how it can be used. Do you like to read or work on your laptop in the evenings? Do you prefer more subdued lighting for romantic effect? These are questions you need to ask yourself when shopping for lighting for your bedroom, but more importantly, don't settle for a couple of bendy spotlights, as these will not add anything to the overall look of the bedroom.


Other than furniture and textiles, lighting in a master bedroom is important. A single light fitting can set the tone for any decorating style, be it traditional or contemporary or romantic. Having bedside lighting that complements the design goes a long way towards finishing off the room. Splurge a little on freestanding, wall- or ceiling-mounted lights that add a level of luxury.








I know I have previously discussed the reasons why you should have a headboard because lets be honest, you can't have a luxurious bedroom without a headboard upholstered in soft fabrics and padded for comfort.

Working or reading in bed at night should be a comfortable activity and a luxurious way to achieve comfort is with a padded headboard. As the feature in any bedroom, adding a luxury headboard at the top of the bed is similar to adding an accent chair to your living space. It's a finishing touch that can be used to layer on luxury.


What's nice about adding a headboard these days is that you can quite easily make your own following any one of hundreds of DIY tutorials and videos that take you step-by-step through the process and you don't need any fancy tools to make your own headboard. If you prefer to buy a readymade or custom headboard, there are plenty of stores out there (Finishing Touches inside Builders Warehouse) that offer this service.



When you think luxury in a bedroom, the first thing that comes to mind is sinking into a soft (but firm) mattress and floating off into a deep, relaxing sleep. If your mattress doesn't do it for you - or your partner - then it's time to toss out the old one and invest in a quality mattress with a pillow-top that wraps you in softness and supports your body with care.


A pillow-top mattress or pillow-top on its own, is a topping on top of a conventional mattress that adds an extra layer of softness to the bed. I invested in a faux sheepskin electric blanket that is so soft I never want to take it off the bed. If you have never tried out a pillow-top, pop onto a local bed store and give it a try. You will be surprised at how luxurious a bed feels with one of these on top!




After everything is laid out and put down in the room, have a spritzer handy to spray bed linens with lavender or rose water, or your favourite scent. Nothing has the ability to set to mood and make you feel relaxed than scent and it can aid in getting a good night's sleep as well. For hundreds of years lavender has been known for calming the body and mind for sleep, and nothing adds more luxury than a beautifully scented bedroom.

A diffuser is a safe way to bring scents into the bedroom and the fragrances usually last for a long time.



Scented candles will set the mood for a romantic evening, or use candles scented with aromatherapy oils to add the right atmosphere, whether you want a fresh and invigorating scent or a calm and relaxing scent.


When lighting candles in a bedroom, make sure to place them in glass containers so that they are safe and out of the way.








We've looked at furniture and fittings for a bit of added luxury for a bedroom, but let's not forget about layering the bed itself. Since this is where you spend a major part of your life, adding a little luxury here shouldn't even be discounted. High thread count bed linen brings to mind 5-star hotel luxury - one that you can enjoy in your own home. Rather than save a bit on cheaper bed sheets, splurge a little on the luxury range and make the most of your bed.


It's attention to detail and personal touches that bring a sense of luxury to a bedroom, so take a step back and think about how you can do this in your bedroom.




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