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How cosy is your Bedroom?

What could be nicer than snuggling up in a cosy bedroom with a glass of red wine or a cup of hot chocolate while binge watching your favourite TV series.


If your bedroom is the last place you love spending time, perhaps you need to make a few changes. During the winter, a bedroom should be cosy and warm; it should be a place you can retire to at the end of the day with a glass of red wine or cup of hot chocolate while you snuggle up and binge watch your favourite TV series.

Not all of us have the luxury of a home fitted with central air, and for many our cold winters can be a shock after the heat of spring and summer. South African houses are just not built to adapt to hot summers and cold winters, and while we welcome the change that winter brings, we look for easy ways to warm up a home during winter.





Rather than switch on a heater and send your electricity bill through the roof, we look at some alternative ways to make a bedroom cosy and comfortable.

Layers of warmth

Layering the bed with winter bed sheets, comforter and blankets is one way to heat up a bedroom. Not only does texture make a room feel warmer, adding layers of texture to the bed allows you to control the level of warmth you need to be comfortable. When not needed, added layers can be folded over at the bottom of the bed, or packed away for the next season.

If your duvet inner is thinner than a pancake, it's not going to keep you very warm. Swap out that old duvet for a new one that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

There are plenty of special offers during winter for duck down duvets, but be careful when buying ones that are not 100-percent down. Some duvets have a combination of down and feathers, and the latter can quickly penetrate the covering and end up pricking you all over - all night. Sometimes it's worth paying a bit more for a quality down duvet that will last for many years.

Tread lightly

Tiled floors are wonderful when it's hot outdoors, but not so great when the winter sets in. Trips to and from the bathroom can leave your feet feeling cold and numb, so it makes sense to put down rugs or mats to provide warmth underfoot.

Rugs are another textural element that increase the level of comfort in a bedroom, plus the fact that rugs add colour, pattern and interest to a plain or neutral bedroom. Shop for rugs that bring out the best in your room scheme, whether your decorating style is modern or rustic.

Block out draughts

If you have a large expanse of windows in the bedroom, use window treatments to keep in the warmth. Windows are the main culprit for heat loss in a home, and yet it's so easy to install a layered window treatment to reduce draughts and keep the bedroom snug and cosy.

Using the elements discussed above will create a cosy bedroom that won't increase the monthly electricity bill, looks good all year round, and will transform your bedroom into a place where you love spending time. It's all about a few tweaks here and there to introduce layers that can be added or removed according to the season.


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