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Quick Tip: Add a splash of colour!

You don't need to spend a fortune for this project. A spare room was transformed into a shared children's bedroom - with just a splash of bold colour to make things a little more interesting.


What was previously a spare room used as a hangout was turned into a bedroom with very little effort. The small room easily accommodates two single beds and a shared chest of drawers that serves as a nighstand. But what makes the room so different is the beautiful quilts mounted above each bed.

This is such an easy way to bring life to a boring room, whether you hang a colourful quilt, a poster, or a piece of art. It's also a practical idea if you're in a rented home. Simply attach the hanging to the wall with double-sided tape that can be removed when you leave!





All the colours in the room were taken from the colours in the quilt: the walls are painted in a light pale pink, while the bed spreads mirror the blue in the quilt. If you're not good as choosing colours when decorating a room, using colours in a piece of art, or from accessories already in the room, make it much easier to select colours that will work well.

Note: This bedroom was specifically designed as a temporary haven for victims of sex trafficking. Hats off to Kelly at for her hard work and devotion with this project.


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