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Easy Steps To Choose A Mattress For A New Home

Here’s a trouble-free guide to help you find the best mattress for your new home.


Once you’ve built or purchased your new dream home, a set of tasks as a homeowner awaits you. This includes choosing and buying the best appliances and furniture pieces for your new residence. Of course, your bedroom is a crucial part of your home, just as sleep and rest are essential for your body. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize your bedroom and its amenities. However, tight schedules might hinder you from shopping around malls and stores.

But thanks to technology, you can easily select from the best mattresses that come in a box in the comfort of your own home or even while traveling from work. But since online shopping is riskier than visiting retail mattress stores, you have to be wary when choosing the best one that’s worth your money. Thus, here’s a trouble-free guide to help you find the best mattress for your new home:

Calculate Your Budget

Compared to visiting physical stores, you have more options to choose from when shopping mattresses online as you can explore different brands in just a few minutes. But with more options, you’re less likely to arrive at a certain decision according to the psychology of choice. However, despite this disadvantage, you can narrow down your choices by first considering your budget. Set a price range you have to follow, though keep in mind to allot extra money, which will be used in a later discussion.

Ideally, it’s better to purchase a more expensive mattress if it can last you long enough, from around 8 to 10 years. There are affordable mattresses out there that are cheaper but offer less longevity. Prices can seem really confusing so you need to couple it further with the next steps.

Take A Look At Your Sleeping Position

People have different sleeping positions, and it can define the kind of support you need from your mattress. Whether you’re sleeping on your stomach, back, side, or are constantly changing positions every night, make sure to find the best firmness that can support your body with these sleeping positions:

● Stomach Sleepers: Sleeping on your stomach is the worst position among these three, but you can’t always prevent it while sleeping since you’re unconscious. When you’re sleeping on your stomach, your torso will bear your entire weight, so choose a medium firm mattress for equal weight distribution. If you have a soft mattress lacking support, you’re more likely to experience back pain because of the curving of the spine.

● Back Sleepers: Your spine touches the mattress in this sleeping position so you need support and firmness among others. If the mattress is too soft, you’ll have back pain. But if it’s too firm, you’ll need better pressure relief. Therefore, the middle ground is your best choice.

● Side Sleepers: People who love sleeping on their side tend to experience pain and discomfort on the shoulders and hip joints. Get a mattress that’s softer than those used by back sleepers, specifically medium soft, to provide even weight distribution while sleeping on either side.

See Your Doctor (Optional)

If you’re suffering from special conditions that can be impacted from your sleeping condition, consult your doctor or physical therapist to help you choose the best mattress. Since they’re aware of your medical symptoms and conditions, their advice will greatly matter. After all, having good or bad sleep will affect your overall health and well-being.

If you have the following conditions, here’s some advice on which sleeping mattress and position to choose:

● Bursitis: The inflammation of the bursa in the hips can be further aggravated by a mattress that is too firm. Pillow-top mattresses are therefore the best for reducing too much pressure.

● Degenerative Disc Disease: Relieve pressure on your disc space by sleeping on your stomach and opting for a relatively firm mattress. You can also put a flat pillow under the hips and stomach to further lessen stress.

● Osteoarthritis: An adjustable firm mattress is your best companion when relieving pressure on the facet joints. Preferably, sleep on your side in a fetal position.

● Scoliosis: People suffering from scoliosis experience lots of discomfort while sleeping. A relatively firm mattress with a deeper comfort layer is highly suggested.

Keep in mind that these suggested mattress types and firmness levels can still vary from person to person, depending upon the severity of your condition and personal preference. Talking to your doctor is the best thing to do in this regard.

Decide Which Type You Need

Here, your personal preference will matter greatly. Deciding on the type of special materials used in the mattress is probably one of the hardest to choose from. Here’s a list to help you pick better:

● Latex: With the best cooling properties, latex foam mattresses are the most ideal for people who always feel hot when sleeping. It also has great bounce and responsiveness.

● Memory Foam: Body contouring sets memory foams apart from other mattresses. It’s also good for pressure relief and support, and has a pronounced hug.

● Coil: Also known as innerspring, this type of material has one to two layers of coil called the pocketed and support coils, which specialize in strong edge support, cooling, and comfort. It also has some great traditional bounce feel.

● Pillow-top: This can be classified as latex, memory foam, or coil, but what generally sets the pillow-top apart is its softer and greater cushioning comfort. Pillow-tops are made from a layer of soft material stuffed and sewn on the cover, extending cushion and comfort compared to ordinary ones.

● Hybrids: As the name suggests, hybrid mattresses are made from a combination of the materials mentioned above, which maximizes each material’s benefits for the sleeper.

● Adjustable: Lastly, adjustable mattresses have the ability to be reclined and elevated, which is perfect for sleepers that constantly change their sleep position. These types are more expensive, since they sometimes come with special features such as massage, vibration, and heating.

Beware Of Scams

As an observant consumer, take note of mattress sellers that use medical schemes to encourage more customers. These companies put labels onto their mattresses, such as “medically-approved,” “orthopedic,” or “organic” despite having no evidence.

Before you become convinced of these labels, research about this particular mattress company first. Their official website should provide their certification from government and private agencies. You can also search for reviews and feedback from customers. If they don’t have any, then these are likely false claims.

Add A Few Protections

Once you’ve purchased your mattress, your main priority now shifts to maintaining the mattress so it can last long enough. Adding a few protections include buying bed sheets and covers that are lightweight and soft for your skin. Bed sheets and covers with maximum fiber content are better since they’re made from a higher percentage of cotton. Moreover, take note of the size of the mattress you’ll be purchasing so your sheets and covers won’t be too small or big. Furthermore, invest in high-quality pillows that are also covered with 100% cotton.

From time to time, wash your bed sheets and covers to remove dirt like dead skin, sweat, oil, and other fluids, preferably once a week. When it comes to cleaning and freshening up your mattress, you should, ideally, do it thoroughly twice a year or every season.


Getting a new mattress online only takes you a short while compared to visiting actual stores. However, this can be extremely risky. Following the steps above can help you make a better decision when purchasing a mattress. Thankfully, many mattresses in the box offer a money-back guarantee and free shipping in case you want to return, refund or exchange it for something else. After buying your new mattress, you can now enjoy years of good sleep and comfort.



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